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Enter…The Annual ‘Vote Off’ Begins!


From the Editor

Summer for British Virgin Islands’ residents and visitors may mean several exciting things.

For visitors, there is the opportunity to indulge in the islands in its heightened state of tranquillity with great summer deals on accommodation, water sports activities, charter excursions and any other vacation diversion that may ignite curiosity.

For residents, it is either a time to relish the more serene atmosphere or for many expatriates, take a desired break home to once again recall the great appreciation they have for living in the BVI’s tropical climate.

Another exciting aspect of this time period is VOTING for VIPY Readers’ Choice Awards. You know the drill (and if you don’t, it’s very straight forward) – visit us at bvipropertyyacht.com, analyse the nominees, then make it count.

Stephen L France

Editor-in-Chief – Stephen L France

Our magazine team enjoyed some of the unique adventures available in the British Virgin Islands for this month’s issue as we saw our staff writer Lauren experiencing what has become the renowned ElectraCat voyage. Once comically known as the Anger Management Picnic Tables, this is a fantastic social experience that evokes complete calm – we advise everyone in the BVI to try this.


Contributor Traci explores ‘Countryside Adventures’ with a farm and country centre that utilises that exact name. Providing an opportunity for students to become acquainted with the wildlife on the island, the primary attraction for many individuals are the horse riding lessons available.

For the rest of July’s edition, our cover feature Cohoba House presented by BVI Sotheby’s International Realty is exemplary of the Caribbean abode you would wish to share with family and friends, while our Papaya Villa feature presented by Villas of Tortola, advertises hypnotic beauty that will have repeat visitors seeking this respite that invokes total relaxation.

In BVI HomeSense, we continue our property ownership advice section with a collection of the best tips we’ve picked up over many years collaborating with realtors.

Yacht Spotlight turns its gaze toward Miss Kirsty with vows of entertaining luxury combined with charm from the efforts of both the vessel and her crew.

From Sea Level bestows Tuna Avocado Tartare and BVI Maritime History Tales tells the fable of yet another tragedy in our Virgin Islands Sloop fleet – Fancy Me meets a truly catastrophic end.


Staff Writer – Lauren Charley

Erin Contributor Photo

Marketing and Sales Manager – Erin Paviour-Smith

Some great products from home accessories retailer House take on a blue theme, and Artists’ Corner returns with our old friend Debi Carson after its brief hiatus.

And to finish our comprehensive trip of the BVI this month, we go deep-sea diving with Armando Jenik in this month’s Virgin Islands Life portal. Stunning imagery of the ocean below reminds us of the spectacular beauty of this portion of the world.

Wishing you enjoyment of the LAND, SEA, and LIFE of the Virgin Islands

Stephen L France

Erin Paviour-Smith

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