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We’ve all heard the predictions…

2013; a hurricane season riddled with ominous whisperings and unpleasant omens from across the Atlantic, like a Shakespearian villain cunningly attempting to unhinge the protagonist.

This issue circulates with the intention of invoking good feeling and focusing on the fortune of residing in this special part of the world. Over ten years ago, aLG had a dream of presenting two of the most influential industries in the British Virgin Islands – real estate and yachting. The magazine went from two separate publications to the quirky doubled-sided design that people adored. It then moved to a clean layout with a linear format that furthered its popularity dramatically.

This month, we return to our roots in reviewing some of the fundamental reasons why living in the BVI with its incredible fringe benefits, is the renowned locale it has become and also perfect for ‘staycation’.

A visit to Great Camanoe exhibits a prime living space in the BVI—Rising Sun—with its unique attributes of a 360 panoramic view, its own protected, private marina and easy accessibility to all the luxurious islands in our region. Edward Childs of Smiths Gore explores how Virgin Gorda’s tourism and property development could assist the BVI economy.

Our yachting scribe David Blacklock reveals that even seasoned sailors are privy to amateur mistakes in his latest Skipper’s Tips. And so we fully enter the ‘staycation’ period, when the beaches are a little quieter, the sun slightly hotter and residents have a chance to truly embrace the islands we love.

Don’t worry about hurricane season, it will blow over…

Editor Stephen L France

Publisher aLookingGlass

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