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Editor’s Letter: October 2013 – BVI Property and Yacht Magazine

Stephen Leslie France: Editor  - Editor's Letter: October 2013 - BVI Property and Yacht MagazineEDITOR’S LETTER, October 2013

It’s arrived!

The Virgin Islands Property and Yacht magazine presents the event of the year – results of the Readers’ Choice Awards. This has been our most interesting survey to date with more voters than ever before and quite a few new entries in the survey categories.

We also had some intriguing answers to the questions like voters stating that their favourite neighbourhood was Soggy Dollar on Jost – can’t really dispute this answer and we’re sure you would not be short of entertainment.

Several brave souls made the mighty, bold claim that the best pool lay in their own back yard – when you’re competing against Scrub Island, this is an ostentatious boast to say the least of which I would advise caution – we are known for putting island hotspots to the test and we have your contact details…

Several winners of the survey categories, who deserve special recognition for impressively ‘taking the gold’ for three consecutive years are: Blue Water Divers as Best BVI Dive Shop. The Dove Restaurant and Wine Bar, who collected Best BVI Restaurant. Alec Anderson, who raced in for Best BVI Sailor. Trellis Fireball Full Moon Party, who grooved to Best BVI Full Moon beats. BVI Spring Regatta, who sailed in for Best BVI Regatta. Old Government House, standing as Best BVI Museum. Rob Swain Sailing School for acquiring Best BVI Sailing School and last but not least, Nanny Cay for Best BVI Marina.

As we enter a fresh high season, this issue is tailored to greet new visitors and residents of the British Virgin Islands. We also welcome back snowbirds, who will undoubtedly be pleased to touchdown in the gentle winter climate of the BVI, which is certainly no winter by the traditional definition. Scott Taylor: Design & Layout - Editor's Letter: October 2013 - BVI Property and Yacht Magazine

We consider October’s VIPY perfect timing for readers, as it offers guidance toward the great BVI services and establishments in their respective industries. In accordance with a new season, Kate Henderson and Fran Morrell of House share some attractive, new essentials for making your time in the BVI as comfortable as the throw cushions they sell.

Architectural designer David Gill of DGLifestyles reviews eco-friendly lighting in the magazine’s continuous exploration of sustainable development. In this edition, we also feature the last in a series of articles about the BVI cookbook Taste, reviewing the importance of cuisine to vacations.


We are very grateful for the huge contribution from the community in furthering the diversity of options in this Readers’ Choice Awards and we are looking forward to seeing you at the event in the first week of October.

Happy reading.

Editor Stephen L France

Publisher aLookingGlass

Contributors David Blacklock Edward Childs Brian Duff Kate Henderson David A Gill Fran Morrell Charlie Smith Susie Younkle

Creative Director Nick Cunha

Design & Layout Scott Taylor

Web Developer Maros Pristas

Sales & Marketing Stephen L France

Distribution Coordinator Francoise Frank


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