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Great Events in High Season’s End

Toad Hall Estate (9)

Toad Hall Estate – Our Cover Feature Property for April 2015 – Presented by BVI Sotheby’s International Realty


Riding the penultimate month of the traditional time allotted for high season, there are many events occurring across the island, but within the aLG team, we have had a little celebration of our own…

We warmly welcomed our newest recruit on the ‘aLG ship,’ Lauren Charley.

Lauren joins the team with innovative ideas and her unique approach to creative writing, after recently graduating with an Honours B.A. in Media Studies from the University of Western Ontario in Canada. She has worked as a feature magazine writer, where many of her stories pertained to events, people, activities, and places in popular tourist destinations. Lauren’s love for tropical weather, aesthetically pleasing beaches, and welcoming Caribbean hospitality, prompted her to start this endeavour as a full time writer in the British Virgin Islands, and we are happy to have her on board.

With our new addition, April’s magazine brings fresh content pertaining to our neighbouring island, Virgin Gorda.

Our cover feature presented by BVI Sotheby’s International Realty, introduces the property Toad Hall Estate – a perfectly situated haven for vacation rental investment and that second home in the Caribbean you have been seeking.


The final piece in the BVI Property Forum has Bonnie Dougall tackling more FAQs surrounding property ownership. To review all the informative articles in this series, please visit us at bvipropertyyacht.com/tag/vi-property-advice/

Roger Downing and Partner—2014’s VIPY Readers’ Choice winner for Best BVI Architectural Firm—extend us the courtesy of reviewing their earlier projects that catapulted their organisation.

Stephen L France
The second part of The BVI’s Billionaire’s Playground Uncovered story by Coldwell Banker broker Chris Smith, delves further into the enigma that made the North Sound the riveting hotspot it is today, and BVI HomeSense provides 10 aspects of property investment that all buyers should be aware of.

Our Rolex Swan Cup Caribbean 2015 coverage glides smoothly into our Yacht Spotlight that highlights one of the luxurious yachts that participated in the regatta, and our resident writer/chef Megan provides yet another tantalising dish – she certainly spoils her Lolalita guests!

We talk to Spring Regatta Director Judy Petz about what to expect over the Spring Regatta Sailing Festival that takes place at the beginning of this month (started March 30); and VISAR makes a call-out to crewed yacht charter boats about their $1 per person program – an initiative that has created the foundation of the organisation’s funding.

House provides the second half of their coastal chic range—bringing the beach into the home. And VP Bank, an organisation well-known for its philanthropy, accepted our invitation to talk more about the company and their 20-year celebration.

All-in-all, an extremely busy month here, but an enjoyable one all the same. Whether resident or visitor, we hope you relish what April in the BVI has to offer.

Stephen L France

PS – Another great giveaway is up for grabs—free entry as always. The Moorings are offering two day sails – if you’ve enjoyed one before, you know just how much fun they are – don’t miss the opportunity to do it again right here! If you haven’t indulged in this kind of excursion, get involved and sign up for the chance to see what it’s like – bvipropertyyacht.com/competitions

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