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Discover the beauty of the BVI


Virgin Islands Life – A Glance at the Isles

Photography by Alberto Lazo

Welcome to our tropical archipelagos, located in the paradise known as the Caribbean.

The British Virgin Islands is comprised of 15 inhabited islands in more than 50 islands and cays—dependant on the source’s definition. All of our islands share similar characteristics: beautiful sandy beaches surrounded by tranquil, turquoise waters; however, each island has its own unique characteristics and charm.

We invite you to explore the beauty and culture of Tortola, Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, Anegada, and Norman Island.

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Tortola: Tortola is the largest of the islands. Not only is it ‘The City Centre’ with a majority of businesses and government buildings based in the capital, Road Town, but there are also beautiful beaches and national parks, showcasing a diversity of tropical flora and wildlife.



Virgin Gorda: Virgin Gorda is home to some of the BVI’s most prestigious homes and villas. Spanish Town has a relaxing vibe and is the location of the famous Baths with its clear blue snorkelling beach and majestic boulders. North Sound is known as “The Billionaire’s Playground” and attracts expensive superyachts to sail in its prime sailing conditions.




Jost Van Dyke: Jost Van Dyke is the place to party, attracting numerous day charters to its sandy shore and unique beach bars in Great Harbour and White Bay. It is made up of additional islands and cays with great snorkelling spots, and is also home to the fascinating Bubbly Pool.



Anegada: Anegada is a peaceful retreat for those wanting to escape the commercialisation and fast pace of the other islands, enjoy blissful beaches and indulge in fantastic lobster dishes. Unlike the other islands, Anegada is completely flat as it is not of volcanic origin.


Norman Island: Norman Island, although not one of the four ‘main islands’, is a popular tourist destination and favourite hangout of locals who take their boat out for the day. It is rumoured to be the former residence of Captain Blackbeard and the inspiration for the famous novel Treasure Island. It is also home to The Caves, a snorkeler’s paradise, and the legendary pirate ship restaurant, Willy-T.




Lauren Charley

Lauren Charley

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