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Introducing Pop Art Pioneer Desirée Smith

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Born For This – Artists’ Corner: Desirée Smith

Photography courtesy of the artist

It is rare when an individual knows exactly what they want to do in life. Further, it is more unique when that person is able to fulfil that specific desire.

When talking to Artists’ Corner’s latest interviewee Desirée Smith, she described the roots of her artistry as a calling rather than stemming from a particular inspirational event or concept.

“My earliest memory is of lying on the floor drawing and making artistic discoveries,” she said. “Creating visual art is my most natural inclination – I was born for this.”

Commencing her vocation at this early age where memories first manifest, BVI born Desirée has been an artist all her life. She opted for the discipline of Fine Art with a Pop Art aesthetic while also specialising as a graphic designer.

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“Pop Art is a style of art that makes reference to recognisable aspects of popular culture, such as people, music, [and] brands,” Desirée explained. “These popular culture references are then often times addressed outside of their usual context and presented in a visually stimulating, new, and interesting way.”


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Desirée further elaborated on her attraction to this mode of art, relaying that it allows her to incorporate her graphic design skills in the creation of her pieces, and fully articulate her perceptions on contemporary pop culture.

“The expressions in Pop Art that I choose to make are due to my great affinity for the current mode of popular culture,” she said. “It allows me to make serious commentary and even be humorous about things that are of the moment…I do so in a way that is vibrant, engaging and visually appealing.”

The artist observed her automatic allure to art in the primary and secondary school segments of her life. The institutions nurtured her innate interest, assisted the development of her skills, and encouraged her to take art as her profession: “As such, I furthered my studies at the American InterContinental University and obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication with a concentration in Graphic Design,” she commented on the specifics of her tutoring.

With a strong presence on social media, permitting her to broadcast her work further afield, she said, “I have had the privilege to make connections with others that show appreciation for my artwork from places such as Singapore, Ukraine and various parts of the United States.”

With her extended connections and talent for networking, she is proud that she was able to exhibit her work in the BVI London Office in 2012 during the Olympics and again in 2013. As an auxiliary confidence boost, she sold two of her pieces in London in 2012.

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In August of this year, she held her first solo art exhibit at Road Town’s cultural restaurant and popular nightspot Bamboushay – a very busy affair which drew people from a diverse range of backgrounds. She has also presented her works jointly with other BVI artists from the cultural forum that the Territory promotes.

In continuation of exploring and sharing her passion, she said her ambition is, “To always create works of art that bring beauty and awareness to the world.”

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