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Top 5 Creative Values of aLookingGlass

Top 5 Reasons for Sailing

aLookingGlass—publisher of known publications Virgin Islands Property and Yacht magazine and Newbie—has been pioneering business in Creative, Marketing and Publishing for over 10 years.

Here are the TOP 5 reasons why we have been able to keep sailing…

1) We have taken the stern with Online Services

We recognize SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and the power of Google’s search engine. We are using all tools available to utilise this to the best of its ability to make sure we and our clients are rewarded by being the top in search engine results for specific key words.

2) We recognise the power of print advertising…

…especially in this community – a tourist driven economy. People like to have a tangible product – something to hold in their hands despite the growing popularity of online media. Advertising via magazines is a powerful influence on consumers. The main secret here is making sure content collaborates with display advertisements to entice the reader toward the commodity or business being promoted.

3) We have kept our diversity via accessibility on electronic media…

…all our publications are available on mobile devices. These portable devices require your advertising to be versatile and dynamic. In other words, your websites should possess the functionality to mold to these devices and their preferences, regardless of their size when compared to a computer screen.

4) We welcome change

This is especially important when such a powerful, global phenomenon as economic recession hits.

Making a transition throughout that period means speedy innovation, rapid adaptation and the ability to recognise that sacrifice is really a synonym for exchange: You are giving something up of a lower nature to receive something of a higher nature. This is the very definition of change.

5) Finally – We do not limit ourselves


We are constantly expanding and whilst our main clientele is the BVI, we constantly widen our network, acknowledging elements like the fact that negotiations now could mean prosperous results internationally 1, 2 or even 3 years in the future.

Erin Paviour-Smith

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