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Creating Calm

Who does not like a comfortable and calming bedroom? A place that is just for you, your sanctuary. Pillows are full and plump, some fresh flowers, your favourite book, a well-organised closet full of beautiful clothes. Your bedroom should be a beautiful space that you can escape to, somewhere where you can breathe, relax and retreat to when you need some space to yourself. As we welcome a new year in there is no better time to take stock of what you need and ensure that your bedroom is a true escape. 

Sometimes it’s so easy for your bedroom to become a clutter zone: unmade beds, clothes on the floor or chair and a dusty bedside table with way too much stuff on it.

The first step to creating “heaven” is to reduce the clutter. Think of what you would like in your bedroom: a comfortable bed with fresh, clean, crisp sheets, mood lighting, and maybe a few pieces by your favourite artist on the walls.

Take a deep breath and start getting rid of unnecessary items to make this happen.

Ideally, bedrooms are for sleeping, but in reality, they become an office, a place to watch your favourite TV show and somewhere the dog feels right at home. By allowing other things and people to take over your space, you are moving away from the bedroom’s primary purpose as a place for relaxation.


Concentrate on calming colours and objects that please you. Think of how a particular colour makes you feel before you start painting your bedroom; do the same with objects. How does it make you feel? If you are big on meditating or yoga, incorporate an area in your room with subdued lighting, big cushions or a workout mat that is not your bed.

A calm bedroom should be free of phones and TVs (to each their own).  Why not start a journal to write your thoughts and feelings down? Just think of how easy it would be to unwind, relax and fall asleep in a clean and uncluttered space free from distractions. It is widely believed that looking at your phone, laptop or even TV makes it harder for the brain to shut down and permit sleep at bedtime. Try and be more disciplined about when you stop working on your computer or check your messages on your phone.

It is very important to allow yourself “downtime” free from distractions and light that is overly stimulating.

Here are a few tips to enhance your bedroom and have a good night’s sleep

  • Power off your gadgets
  • Take a warm bath before bed with your favourite essential oils like lavender or eucalyptus
  • Crisp, clean bed linens
  • Keep some fresh flowers on your bedside table
  • Do some gentle stretches, or some yoga poses to release any tension before bed
  • Use a relaxing linen spray on your pillow before going to bed
  • Sip a cup of herbal tea like chamomile
  • Listen to calming music
  • Write in a journal
  • Avoid alcohol a couple of hours before you want to go to sleep
  • Read a few chapters of a book. Most people never make it to chapter two.
  • Have a light with a dimmer in your room so you can gradually dim the lights before you go to sleep.


Namaste and Happy New Year!


Morgana Tilling

Morgana Tilling

Morgana is a key member of Smiths Gore's team, running a portfolio of exclusive villa rental properties. With years of experience in luxury hospitality, she works to ensure clients experience the very best of the BVI.
Morgana Tilling

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