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The Cost of Building Your Home

The Cost of Building Your Home

Countering the Cost of Building Your Home

The prospect of home ownership is a subject that can be challenging for individuals.

With the number of uncontrollable variables and taxing obstacles involved in this decision, many are compelled to finance a large percentage of the upfront expense via the bank, as well as approximately an eighth of the cost on mandatory stipulations, that require the use of a project management firm of the bank’s choosing.

This massive spike in initial expenditure combined with high construction costs are significant reasons why individuals are hesitant to embark on the venture of property ownership.

There is an old saying: ‘Time is money and money is time’. This saying is palpable within the construction industry, when factoring in the length of time it takes to build a property, multiplied by the weekly wages of the construction crew and materials utilised. However, there are many building techniques that are practiced in other parts of the world—especially in Europe and South America—that reduce the fabrication and casting of concrete structured homes by 75 percent. Based on the saying above, logic dictates that if we alter the variable ‘time’, we are able to reduce our overall expenditure.

The general cost can be further moderated with greater control over the cost of materials, which in most cases is achieved by negotiating special rates with your retail hardware store. However, further investigation into the material’s purchase process, reveals auxiliary cost reduction in dealing directly with manufactures.

In the majority of cases, this privilege would only be granted to an actual development group building homes on a large scale and in that situation, a joint-venture alliance would be formed with material manufactures.

The main question is: how does a prospective homeowner bypass the middle-man and reach these material manufacturers?

Unique Lifestyles is a name brand of Caribbean Modern Homes that is being marketed throughout the Caribbean. The organisation is a collaboration of several manufactures ranging from companies in the United States, Caribbean across to France and Italy.

Encompassing the fields of building and finishing materials, building techniques for quicker long-lasting results, designated architects and interior designers that cater to the topography of the land and its ideal focal view, the combined talents and collective efforts of these professional factions, conclude with successful results for the clients.


From a financing standpoint, selected banks throughout the Caribbean have become a part of the movement – a program that will regulate the expenditure in construction and upgrade the standard of Caribbean living. Current agreements and re-designed models are being made to now include upgrades with possibilities in alternative energy for homes.

The Cost of Building Your Home

This exodus from uncontrollable building expenditure to a more streamlined approach is a revolutionary path for the Caribbean with the hope that this process will scale back the undesired results of loss of appetite, grey hair and boldness that some new property buyers face during the task of accomplishing full homeownership.

David A Gill, Marketing and Design Director - DGLifestyles.com

David A Gill, Marketing and Design Director - DGLifestyles.com

David A. Gill is the owner and Managing Director of Image Marketing Agency Limited and DGLifestyles.com. With over fifteen years of Marketing and Architectural Design experience, Mr. Gill continues to be a leader and change-agent in his industry.
David A Gill, Marketing and Design Director - DGLifestyles.com

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