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The Best Kind of Vacation – Cooper Island

cooper island  (2)

A Tourist in My Own Town: Captivated by Cooper

Photography courtesy of Yacht Shots BVI, Cooper Island Beach Club, and Dawn Taylor

There are a few islands in the BVI that are marked by their conspicuous, atmospheric dynamic. They arouse pleasant, powerful emotions that challenge any wordsmith to define.

The island of which I speak in this instance is Cooper Island, harbouring the internationally popular Cooper Island Beach Club.

Invited by my friend and work colleague Scott Taylor, his wife Dawn, and children Cooper and Sawyer, we ventured from Port Purcell via the Cooper Island ferry service toward this harmonious isle during the BVI’s August three-day holiday. Scott relayed that they planned on staying the night and I responded with inquisitiveness about residing there.

Having enjoyed the resort once before, in desperate necessity of a vacation, and with the summer discounted rates, I decided to take up a room for myself.

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Now, this wasn’t a planned expenditure, but life is for living, and what better place to enjoy it than the Caribbean. I made my excuses for this impulse decision; the main one being that Cooper Island was a perfect retreat. As much as I’ve enjoyed August Festival, for an individual who lives in the hills of Road Town and has a monthly deadline to accommodate, the vibrant music of each night translated as an alarm clock with a 10-min snooze and no off-function.


In addition, I was obliged to escape the mosquitoes that had become more vicious – these mozzies revealed no phobia at the taste of a little OFF DEEP WOODS when feasting on you, leaving the only other option; constant vigilance with an electrified racket and consistent receipt of squeaky buzzing in the ear.




Arriving at Cooper Island, there is an immediate feeling of lightness; almost as if you’ve been on the Stepmaster 2000 for a month – you literally lose weight. There is also a brightness and openness to the surrounding area that elevates the spirit. The welcoming vibe is profound and with minimal persuasion, you are compelled to relax.

Lunch and dinner were delicious, meeting expectations – I was very pleased with my choice of the pork, but the experience that attracted much of my enthusiasm was in one of the latest additions to the resort – the Rum Bar.

Cooper Island (3)

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about Cooper Island’s newest amenities and when reviewing the Rum Bar, I had a crystal clear prophecy of how I would best use my time there; not just an image of consuming the generous measures of alcoholic beverages, but more about how relaxed it would be to sit in the environs with their comfortable cushions and chairs.

Despite the fact that Cooper Island does not bear any resemblance to my home here in the BVI or in London, that peaceful, accommodating ambiance of familiarity was present in abundance.

Cooper Island (10)

Cooper Island (14)

Cooper Island (16)

Cooper Island (49)

With Scott retiring to his room early with his family, I was left up to my own devices.

Cooper Island (10)

After imbibing with some of the off-duty staff members who were thoroughly enjoyable company, I too withdrew to my room – writing this at this very point, I can still feel the comfort of the bed and the surrounding decoration that expresses ‘smart eco-resort.’

The next morning, the provision of breakfast in the pavilion, followed by kayaks and paddleboards on the beach as all-inclusive of the resort was a comfortable bonus.

Cooper Island (15)

Cooper Island (16)

Cooper Island (27)

Cooper Island (2)

Cooper Island (24)

Cooper Island (21)

In the Caribbean, you can drift out a short distance from shore and begin to see the tropical marine life below – an awe-inspiring vision.

Staying on Cooper Island was definitely an action of spontaneity that exceeded satisfaction. I know Scott and Dawn were especially pleased at how the staff looked after their kids, supporting this overwhelming aura of warm hospitality.

I suppose that is the main benefit of being a BVI resident and tourist in your own town; you get to take advantage of activities that visitors go to great lengths to experience.

Erin Paviour-Smith

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