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Girls take a Grand BVI Charter Boat

Girls take a Grand BVI Charter Boat

Girl’s-Getaway at Sea

Sailing is one of the best ways to take advantage of the wonders that the BVI has to offer. You can hit the water, visit neighbouring islands, and tour famous as well as more exclusive locations.

With four ladies determined to relax, rejuvenate and revel in a fun weekend away without partners or kids, a plan was devised to do just that. With only one of our companions having hands on experience at the helm, and another holding familiarity with the line but little else, you might think our mums’ weekend at sea would be difficult to execute. Not so!

Girls take a Grand BVI Charter Boat - Dream Yacht Charters

We contacted Dream Yacht Charters, who rescued us from disappointment and arranged a gorgeous 52ft catamaran. They also hired one of their freelance captains to transport us. He was prompt, amicable and left us to get down to the business of putting our feet up, magazine flipping and girl chat. (To see and enjoy a couple of examples of great Crewed Yacht Charters, click here)

Since receiving a weekend away as a mum can be fraught with stress and complications, our trio decided to stay on the dock for the first night, driving to nearby Brandywine Estate Restaurant for a great meal – hiring your own captain provides the flexibility to select your course and change at your discretion.


Girls take a Grand BVI Charter Boat - Enjoying Brandywine Estate Restaurant

Minutes from the Marina, we enjoyed the warm ambiance, a scrumptious meal and a soothing glass of wine followed by an early night in – a big highlight of both of our nights away were the four individual spacious cabins, which provided each of us a solitary, calm, uninterrupted night’s sleep.

The next morning our fourth in the party joined us – our destination, Virgin Gorda. A few of us had yet to try the restaurant CocoMaya – of course Virgin Gorda is a nice sail distance from Tortola and a gorgeous destination to visit as a resident.

We stopped for a swim in the beautiful blue ocean and then docked in Spanish Town. Our first task was to arrange our Little Dix spa appointments – an obligation on a girls’ weekend.

Girls take a Grand BVI Charter Boat - Oil Nut Bay

We enjoyed a day of luxury, swimming in the spa pool and resting poolside. We then returned to our floating home for a nap, yet another elusive treat for those of us in the world of a busy mum.

Girls take a Grand BVI Charter Boat - Kelly and friends

Before we knew it, the time emerged for us to get ready for our second night out. With a stunning sunset as the backdrop, we hopped on the rib and were dropped off at a dock by the anticipated seaside restaurant CocoMaya. We ordered a variety of delicious tapas to share with wine and subsequently, enjoyed the cosy lounge feature on the beach – the passion fruit, raspberry cocktail that I had with its surprising kick of heat has remained a fond memory.

Satisfied and slightly fatigued, we returned for another night of revitalising sleep – the incredible element about catamaran’s are their spacious and homey feel; you can opt for socialising or solitude. I relished the common area and the coolness of the air conditioning and at other times, the deck with the breeze and the epic seascape.

I especially appreciated the trampoline, which serves as a notable spot for sitting back and enjoying the sail, soaking up some rays or partaking in the evening sport of stargazing. The ample kitchen hosted our casual meals in which we—in our pre-sail organisation—planned and rotated with delicious results. With our experienced Captain doing the navigating, we were able to simply enjoy the ride.

On the last day, we did some snorkelling and swimming in the refreshing ocean. The temperature was that seamless cool where you can remain at peace indefinitely.

Following, we headed for Oil Nut Bay where we had a grand tour, relaxed and swam. There may have been a small touristy moment where I chased after their lone flamingo for a photo op – I was amply teased for my childlike behaviour.

Girls take a Grand BVI Charter Boat

We then boarded our rib and checked out the newly renovated Saba Rock for some photos, a drink and perusal of their gift shop. Our Captain joined us for this and picked up a t-shirt for his little girl, which of course won big points from us mums; we also grabbed a treat or two for our little ones during the excursion.

Girls take a Grand BVI Charter Boat - Saba Rock

It was a beautiful and much cherished weekend. I would highly recommend it for group trips.

Perhaps it was the lullaby of the sea’s serene waves, but we felt like we had relaxed for the span of a week. Heading back to Tortola, we were refreshed, missing our families, and ready for the return to the joy of motherhood.

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