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Change is Good

Erin Paviour-Smith

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Vento property


Change, is what we’re all about at Virgin Islands Property and Yacht.

We attempt to consistently evolve and while the astute among our readers may have noticed small structural amendments in the print publication over the last few months, we assure you, this is all toward an improved and more functional publication.

Of course in this period of time, there is another change going on. The slow season; dreaded by some and fully welcomed by others; a time when tourism slows down and the Territory gradually morphs into a ghost town by September. While this may seem rather dreary, we urge residents and visitors to see the phenomenal positives of the slower months. This is the point when you can have a barbecue on BVI Sandy Spit with friends and family. Visit one of the BVI’s luxurious spas unencumbered by the usual high volumes of clients. Go to some of the VI’s secluded beaches and feel what it’s like to own an island for the day. Best of all – explore the discount rates for many of the great services and activities available. Try diving for the first time or take a ‘staycation’ at one of the renowned resorts.

In this issue, as part of our ‘change’ theme, we jumped across to the USVI to visit two of the most incredible properties we have had the pleasure of reviewing: The Estate at Spring Bay & Sunsi Beach, and One Beach Road. For a perceptive homeowner, The Estate at Spring Bay is a magnificent architectural feat, ripe for further development sitting on 60 acres. Our Skipper’s Tips Captain, Louise Reardon provided a helpful list in preparation for hurricane season—June 1 – Nov 30—while the slower months inspired sailor extraordinaire Brian Duff to advise us about some of the hotspots to sail during this serene period.

On that note, we reiterate the message that many residents accustomed to this time of year would promote: Enjoy these months – it’s a unique and pleasant transcendence from the high season, where you can immerse yourself in the Virgin Islands and all it has to offer.

It may be slow, but you don’t have to be.


Stephen L France

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