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9 Nifty Tips to Increase the Value of Your BVI Property

Modern Outdoor Kitchen

An Architect’s Ambrosia – Nine Nifty Tips to Increase Value in Your BVI Property

The enthusiasm of owning your own home in the BVI is an epic milestone in life and at the same time, one of the most mentally taxing periods. It can be a lifestyle change, and undoubtedly one of the single greatest investments in life for the next 25 to 30 years.

Concepts surrounding this critical decision relate to retaining or increasing value on the investment while sustaining affordability and functionality. The value of your home is one of the most significant reasons for property ownership, so it is vital in this economic twist of falling house prices, that every homeowner be privy to the strategy of increasing their property’s value:

(1) Open floor-plan to a breath-taking view: Being surrounded by natural beauty of both an evergreen landscape and tranquil blue sea, it is important that your home be positioned to capture the optimum view. Additionally, an open floor-plan coupled with large floor-to ceiling windows grants you stunning views from almost any room in your home while adding a breezy Caribbean feel.

Modern Outdoor Amenities

(2) Outdoor living-areas, which range from outdoor patios to large decks: Outdoor living areas are a further extension to an indoor room. They can range, being either an entrance through a large sliding glass patio door to an outdoor kitchen and dining area, or a large teak wooden overhanging deck that further extends your living-room area to the outdoors. This can be coupled with either an outdoor wooden hot-tub or an outdoor fire-pit to create a ‘Zen-like’ effect.

Rock Haven in Cooten Bay takes advnatage of kitchen space with modern amenities

(3) Upgraded kitchens are always a sure winner: Since the kitchen is one of the most frequented areas when entertaining guests, it is imperative that it reflects an appealing image that makes you most comfortable. When you walk into a kitchen, the first features you notice are usually the cabinets and countertops – it is always best to select natural elements such as wood or stone for these areas, as opposed to laminates. The difference is very noticeable. The selection of appliances is also important, as they act like accessories adorning a fine suit.

(4) Flooring is usually overlooked, however, it has a valuable impact: It is the one item that is most constant throughout the entire house – flooring should complement the rest of your décor. Choosing wood flooring or tile flooring is always a sure way of increasing value in this area. Additionally, when selecting wooden flooring, it is always best to select those that age gracefully such as hardwood or ‘cured distress wood’ – their beauty tends to grow as they age naturally over time.

Lighting fixtures to suit the room


(5) Lighting has always been viewed by architects as a functional item, but even more emphatically, it is an accented item that further highlights the style of a home: In actuality, lighting is one of the main items that can really elevate the décor of your home like icing on a cake. Choose fixtures that complement the style of your home, forming perfect harmony between your ‘lighting-theme’ and the home décor. Additionally, an energy-saving lighting source is always a positive to add an eco-friendly value to your home. Consider investing in LED light fixtures or LED bulbs. The incorporation of ‘occupancy-sensors’ is also a more in-depth approach in reducing your energy consumption. They can also be wired for security lighting.

(6) Accented walls and wooden ceiling are aesthetic gems: They will not put as large a hole in your pocket as you would expect, especially when measuring the fact that these features will provide over triple the return on the initial cost.

(7) Adding eco-friendly features to your home will always increase its value: In this modern age, technology has provided us with affordable solutions to make our homes self-reliant, while at the same time reducing our ‘carbon footprint’ on the environment. Such progressive thinking makes homes with these features an instant attraction, based on the main fact that energy consumption is less of a financial strain. In following this path, it is important to invest in a solar water heating system and also a means of alternative energy – either solar or wind.

(8) Shielded Roofing in hurricane plagued environments adds a sense of security and comfort: Amid the many roofing materials that are sold on the market today, one should always consider the advantage of conducting this process correctly the first time round. Opt for durable and sustainable products such as stone or clay tiles or even aluminium shielded roofing from Decra. These items are specifically designed to deal with very harsh weather—aka hurricane season—and are engineered to block out most of the radiated heat that comes from the bright, tropical sun. A further benefit lies
in the very appealing nature of these products, which will surely add curb-side appeal and drive your home value to new heights.

(9) Undoubtedly, landscaping is ranked as one of the highest value attributes in a home: It will aid in increasing market value, especially since it is the one area that is most visible. It is the first feature that grants your home that second glance by either passers-by or a real estate hunter seeking that next unique property. It is best to invest in plants or shrubs that are appealing yet easy to manage. While large evergreen trees are ideal features, it is also important to contemplate their proximity to the side of your home, as this might create problems during harsh weather conditions.

With these points in mind, a homeowner will strategically increase the value of their home in the BVI.

David A Gill, Marketing and Design Director - DGLifestyles.com

David A Gill, Marketing and Design Director - DGLifestyles.com

David A. Gill is the owner and Managing Director of Image Marketing Agency Limited and DGLifestyles.com. With over fifteen years of Marketing and Architectural Design experience, Mr. Gill continues to be a leader and change-agent in his industry.
David A Gill, Marketing and Design Director - DGLifestyles.com

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