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The best new app for living, visiting or advertising in the BVI is here

The BVI has long been a tourist haven and knowing where to go and what to do is always a top priority for visitors. For locals that love and appreciate all the BVI has to offer, staying up to date on restaurants and businesses has long-term appeal. A new app can help both visitors and residents make the most of what the BVI has to offer.

Now available for free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play, BVI Now is believed to be the first travel app of its kind in the world. It was specifically developed for tourists and people who live and work in the BVI to function as an “insider’s guide” to what’s going on in the islands. 

Created by BVIslanders out of a need for information after the 2017 hurricane season, BVI Now provides a centralized place for information on businesses and happenings. One of the most appealing features of the app is that no cell service or data connection is needed to find out about places of interest and navigate around the BVI. 

“In the US or Europe, people are used to having information at their fingertips on their smartphones. In the BVI, because of high surcharges, most tourists don’t have data plans, so even if correct information were available, the smartphones couldn’t use it,” said Chuck Krallman, the app developer.


More than 500 businesses and attractions are listed in the app, along with up to date maps and verified contact details. From watersports to bars and restaurants, BVI Now allows tourists to find the best of the islands, and locals can stay connected to their favourite places. When people are travelling around the territory, the app automatically notifies them and provides helpful information, tips and places of interest that are nearby.


“BVI Now incorporates the very latest mobile app technologies. But, unlike apps from companies like Facebook and Google, it’s completely anonymous and respectful of people’s privacy. No personal data is collected or stored. And you want to know the best part? It wasn’t created in Silicon Valley or London or any of the big tech hubs in the world, but right here in the BVI by BVIslanders,” said David Penn, BVI Now’s Executive Liaison.


Reaching prospects on their mobile phone, even when they’ve lost their cell signal or don’t have a data plan, is a unique capability of BVI Now. BVI Now reaches potential customers before they visit, when people are planning their trip, and also them in real-time, as they move around the territory during their visit.

For more details about how to advertise your business in BVI Now – please contact Erin at aLookingGlass – [email protected]. 

Advertising Benefits 

  • Businesses can target the customers they’re interested in, at the right time, at the right place with surgical precision
  • The user tells us what they’re interested in and we know when they’re nearby
  • No advertising waste. Facebook and Google audiences infer interests from Website browsing patterns and don’t reach people when they’re physically near our businesses
  • A true two-way interaction with your ideal target customer – tell them about specials and products that they have told us they are interested in – e.g. casual dining out.
  • Advertising packages are available for any budget.

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