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Can you imagine a world without love? It’s impossible to even picture this because there would be no world to begin with without love. Love sustains life. The ability to love is one of the most vital aspects of human survival and resilience. Therefore, in times of crisis, where social distancing and quarantines physically separate us, love can keep our communities connected. In times of crisis, when unemployment rates are increasing, an economy built on love can create more effective and sustainable societies. In times of COVID-19, compassion is the cure. Where a virus divides us, as a Territory, we can be united in love: BVILOVE. 

At this uniquely challenging time, BVILOVE allows us to find new and innovative ways to strengthen our economy, improve our health systems and connect our people. When one’s actions are driven by love, one will naturally express empathy, compassion and gratitude. Operating in BVILOVE therefore means supporting local businesses, providing services with compassion and interest, caring for our natural environment, warmly welcoming our visitors, preserving our culture and so much more. Therefore, it is only when the abundance of love is the core principle of development, can we shape a sustainable future and promote prosperity for all.

In a recent interview, Premier and Minister for Finance, Honourable Andrew A. Fahie, recognized the transformative power of BVILOVE. Honourable Fahie stated that this “new direction of our Territory” is one that will “drive green innovation, introduce green diversification, and revitalise green expansion of the economy through SMART strategies, empowering our people, and ensuring development, all in BVILOVE.” Indeed, we can create stronger and more resilient economies when they are built with blocks of BVILOVE.  

As he continued, what revealed to be even more special about this undertaking is that the foundation for such an economy had already been laid out. The beauty of BVILOVE is already present in all of us. 

 “BVILOVE is our smile,” he continued, “our good mornings, our good afternoons, our prayers, our hospitality. BVILOVE is who we are as a people. BVILOVE is our brand for the Territory in all sectors of the economy. BVILOVE is the goodwill that we have built up, and it is in our hand — in fact, it is in our DNA.”

As the Territory moves forward it is therefore imperative that we do so in BVILOVE. In fact, the adoption of BVILOVE can already be seen. 


Honourable Fahie went on to say how he is “pleased that the Government of the Virgin Islands, all Ministries, Departments, statutory agencies, the private sector and our people [are] all working together participating, collaborating and cooperating with BVILOVE in this new direction of our Territory.” He concluded that, “having this fresh perspective and this new branding for the BVI as a destination and jurisdiction is indeed important in inspiring the world and letting everyone know that BVILOVE is what makes us unique and special.”

Therefore, it goes without saying that as we continue to cope with COVID-19, journeying together towards a better, brighter BVI, everyone must continue to do their part. The pandemic may be infecting our world with surging cases and new outbreaks but, much like the virus, genuine acts of love can spread just as quickly. So let’s continue to show acts of kindness and encouragement everywhere and in every way we can as we prepare for what’s ahead as one in love; BVILOVE.


Anika M. Christopher

Anika M. Christopher

Anika M. Christopher is a creative writer who lives and works in the Virgin Islands. As the Literary Arts Officer at the Department of Culture, some of her responsibilities include organizing literary arts programmes and marketing strategies for both schools and the community. When she is not helping artists with their literary work, she is either reading books, writing poetry and fiction or developing her plan for the launch of her very own publishing company. In all that she does, Anika is deeply passionate about the business of telling stories!
Anika M. Christopher

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