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BVI August Festival – Follow-up with the Tourist Board BVI

Quick Q & A – Interview with Tourist Board BVI Lynette Harrigan Niche Marketing Manager about BVI August Festival 2013

1) How did August Festival 2013 go this year in comparison to previous years?

From all account it is hailed as a success over last year, we saw larger numbers of persons in the village and supporting the booths.

2) Was there a noticeable higher attendance? Was this measured?

Events saw a larger turn out than usual which we would attribute to the great line up this year and the PR & Marketing of the events. Our Media partners did a great job in working with us and we have to give thanks to them as well.

3) Was the August Festival better organised?

Yes it was, and we saw earlier starts in the August Festival village events as well as the parade, rise and shine and watersports. East End and Carrot Bay support was great as well and saw some awesome performances.

4) News reports said that the government had planned to make this extra special as a start for 2013 – 2014 events? Was this a success?

Yes. We can now build on what we did this year moving into the 60th anniversary which will be launch shortly as there is much to do to make it a year to remember.

5) Was tourist attendance up this year? Will we see returning guests? Were the performances as great as anticipated?

Most hotels report high numbers, but from most they are already receiving booking for the 60th anniversary and some folks stayed away this year to be here for the next year. We will look closely at the numbers when we receive them and be a able to make a better assessment.

It would appear like the anticipation and positive predictions of many of the business owners for a prosperous August came true.


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