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Artists’ Corner – Reflection

IMG_6016 PY

Photography courtesy of the artists

As part of the reflection month that is September, VIPY fondly looks back at a few of the great artists we interviewed over the years.

The islands are phenomenal inspiration and motivation for the creative side in our nature, and what better way to express perceptions and emotions than art?

To see our entire list of Artists’ Corner profiles as well as other talented individuals visit here: bvipropertyyacht.com/tag/great-vi-people/

You may find someone you recognise….

July 2013 – Christine Taylor

Coppermine Maiden PY

Coppermine Tower


IMG_6016 PY

IMG_6014 PY

Regatta off Buck Island


IMG_6019 PY

“I think you’re born hardwired – it’s a deep passion,” – Christine Taylor.

Interviewing Christine Taylor was a true delight. Getting to the depths of what inspires an artist, we discussed the fact the creative arts are innate. With Christine, her trigger to encourage her gifts came as an infant viewing a painting of a coastal scene with coconut trees and light sparkling off them. She questioned how she would paint this three-dimensional effect in her own artwork.

Following this early curiosity, the watercolour artist was born.

“You have to place a dynamic spirit in your work…I always paint the eyes first – once I get the eyes and the spirit of what I’m trying to accomplish, everything else is easy.” – Christine Taylor

March 2014 – Petra Lovrekovic

Camino de Santiago de Compostela Oct 2009 Tortola 'Trellis Bay' Feb 2007 Tortola called 'Is that Prague' Feb 2012 Tortola 'Buck Island' Feb 2012  'Cumbria 1' - mixed media completed with string in feb 2003

Being well-travelled is perhaps one of the fundamental reasons why Petra’s art-form is so diverse.

The uniqueness expressed in her works as a mixed media artist is powerfully expressed in the visuals that catch her attention. She has accomplished the arduous task of walking the BVI – all the way from Nanny Cay to Trellis.

On the journey, she’s been granted the perspectives that many will miss, driving in vehicles. One of her greatest achievements was the physical and emotional challenge of self-discovery on the pilgrimage known as the Camino de Santiago de Compostela – further inspiration for her art.

“One of the things that inspires me is that there’s always contrast in life. There is always the positive and the negative. There is always the high and the low – there can’t be a high without a low, there can’t be light without shadow.”  – Petra Lovrekovic

November 2014 – Desirée Smith

D. Smith0001 D. Smith0093 D. Smith0004 D. Smith0003 D. Smith0002

I remember thinking of Picasso’s work when I first saw Desirée’s art at the August 2014 Bamboushay culture event.

“Pop Art is a style of art that makes reference to recognisable aspects of popular culture, such as people, music, [and] brands,” Desirée explained to VIPY back in October 2014. “These popular culture references are then often times addressed outside of their usual context and presented in a visually stimulating, new, and interesting way.”

The artist described her allure to her occupation as a vocation – a calling. Like many artists, her works express her opinions about the subjects she chooses, intending to bring beauty and awareness to her audience.

Are you an artist in the Virgin Islands?

Please contact VIPY if you have works that you would like to showcase in our magazine: [email protected]

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