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9 Family Fun Ideas for the Summer Holidays


Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – 9 family-fun ideas for the summer holidays

Words by Charlotte McDevitt, Executive Director – Green VI

Photography by Anya Brewley Schultheiss and YEP

The summer holidays are coming – a great time to engage creative projects at home with the children in the BVI. Here are some ideas of functional items you can create, using what’s around you that will not break the bank.

1) CHAIR-ity

Prepare for Green VI’s 4th annual CHAIR-ity event held each October, designing and building chairs out of recycled materials that you find. Organised by Nutmeg Designs, a sustainable home-goods store at Wickham’s Cay ll, this is a fun way to explore your creativity and to discover the value in what gets thrown away daily. Build your own as an individual or group. This year, corporates are challenged to enter as well. For more information and/or to get an entry form, please email [email protected] or visit/call Nutmeg Designs 494-9151

2) A Pallet Garden

Perfect for a wall or space that needs some life and colour

Groundworks pallet garden

3) Pallet Furniture

Create your own furniture to use at home or to enter into the CHAIR-ity event. BVI Killi Killi Arts Company has assisted with making some for the BVI library that is currently undergoing a ‘green’ makeover

Killi Killi for point 3

Killi Killi for Point 3  (1)
Killi Killi for Point 3  (2)


4) Tyre Garden

Use old tyres to create a garden

Youth Empowerment for point 4 or 10

5) Tyre Swings/ Playground

Instead of importing playground equipment, make your own for hours of fun
photo 3

6) Composting

An alternative to discarding your vegetable peels and garden cuttings is composting them. Look online to see what system would suit you best. Use that compost to create your own vegetable and herb garden
2012-12-09 14.02.07

7) Water Cans

No need to buy watering cans – simply make your own by using an old detergent bottle. Drill holes in the lid and one on the handle to allow for airflow.

8) Accessories

Make your own bags and jewellery from old clothing, fabric remnants, soda can tabs or anything else that may have an alternate use


9) Memory Quilt

Use all of the children’s clothes that you cannot bring yourself to throw away because of the memories they hold. Make a memory quilt for a lasting treasure and keepsake

YEP for point 4 or 10

For further ideas on how to morph ‘trash to treasure’, search online. The creativity is endless!

Charlotte McDevitt

Charlotte McDevitt

Executive Director at Green VI
Charlotte is the executive director of Green VI, a non-profit organisation that works toward a greener, cleaner and healthier BVI, finding balance between development and conservation of the natural environment.
Charlotte McDevitt
Charlotte McDevitt

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