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7 Super Scenic Views You Missed in the BVI [Video and Photos]

The British Virgin Islands. “Nature’s little secrets” from Chris Norton on Vimeo.

If you don’t know the BVI (British Virign Islands), take a moment to watch the incredible video above by SkyVisions VI (Chris Norton). If you do, please proceed to see seven of the most amazing images we have had the pleasure of using in our Virgin Islands Property and Yacht magazine over 2014.

Running the publication allows us the luxury of viewing incredible photography. From stunning Caribbean villas, to spectacular yachts, to brilliant views of the topical landscapes and seascapes.

Over the last couple of years, we have been dazzled with the keen eye of professional photographers and their incredible Photoshop skills, drawing out perfect colours in their creations.

Here are seven images that we feel truly highlight the beauty of the BVI, but from perspectives you’ve never seen!

*** These are not in any particular order – WE LOVE THEM ALL!

  1. Cane Garden Bay, Tortola


    1. Cane Garden Bay

    Photo by SkyVision VI (Chris Norton)

    This location is a sole attraction for many visitors travelling to the British Virgin Islands. It literally has everything needed to complete a vacation, all on one beach – dining, drinking, partying, watersports, sunbathing, sailing accessibility, snorkelling – you name it!

    It is rare to see Cane Garden Bay’s beach this naked and from this manipulated vision; it is usually populated with cruise liner guests, sitting on deck chairs all the way across the beach, or dotted with residents and visitors enjoying the many bars and restaurants—Callwood’s, Myett’s, The Elm, Rhymers, Paradise Club, and Quito’s—socialising and imbibing like there’s no tomorrow.

    To see more of Chris’ great works – click here

  2. Road Town at Night, Tortola

    2. Night View of tortola

    Photo by SkyVision VI (Chris Norton)

    Seeing this image captured on camera…I think the best word to use is ‘splendid.’ Getting a good night shot is challenging enough, and the way this highlights Road Town in Tortola – you might think it was a city on the mainland!

    To see more of Chris’ great works – click here

  3. South Side, Anegada

    3. Anegada South Side

    Photo by Edward Childs

    From the words of the photographer: “[The photo] was taken on the south side of the island, facing VG, on the flats when the tide was out. It allowed our group to walk far out over the sand. I particularly liked the photo as the sand flats are something not normally associated with the BVI where the tidal range is minimal. From a photographer’s perspective, the sand ridges (vertical in the photo) help lead the eye to the distant island which is helpful in a wide angle photo with two people adding additional perspective.

    “I started photography as an underwater photographer on various expeditions around the world, including the Caribbean, Australia, Asia, and Africa, plus in the colder waters around the UK. I also enjoy land based photography and recently moved into video. I try to make a photo tell a story using light and composure to frame the picture.”

    This photo won a category in our BVI Photo Competition in our April 2014 issue – look out for our next photo competition!

  4. The Baths, Devil’s Bay (National Park), Virgin Gorda

    4. Mallory-Sammons-UPSCALE-Seeing-these-rocks-took-my-breath-away-Virgin-Gorda-summer-2013-edited

    Photo by Mallory Sammons Photography

    Known as a ‘must-see’ destination in the BVI, the boulders formation in Virgin Gorda’s Baths is an incredible vision.

    This photo not only represents the magnitude of the spectacle here, but was the photographer’s first time seeing it. She rightly named the image UPSCALE and it was the overall winner of our BVI Photo Competition in our April 2014 issue.

    See more of Mallory Sammons photography here

  5. Celestial House, Tortola

    Celestial House - provided by Sotheby's - Photo by SkyVision Vi

    Photo by Rainbow Visions, courtesy of BVI Sotheby’s International Realty

    There are so many properties in the BVI with phenomenal panoramic views that leave one in absolute awe. This particular villa was used as our July cover feature as a showcase for BVI Sotheby’s International Realty.

    It was aLookingGlass’ two graphic designers—who have completely different styles—that agreed this was our best cover for 2014. With the combination of colours present, you can see why!

    See more in our July online article here

  6. Great Harbour, Jost Van Dyke


    Photo by James Bryant

    This image is something of a rarity – for most people, visiting Jost is about partying. We confess, that’s what we know it for as well. But, behind the frivolity on the beach–literally–is a landscape that you are unlikely to have ever seen.

    This was submitted in our BVI Photo Competition – some of us feel it should have won – well, I definitely think it should have placed somewhere

  7. Soper’s Hole, Tortola


    Photo by Susan McDavit

    Named FIRE AND ICE, this photo does a wonderful job of capturing the famous sunset that the people living on the west side of Tortola are blessed with daily.

    This was another image from our BVI Photo Competition that made our list of VIPY Choice picks for its great contrast of colours.

    Do you have incredible photos of the BVI you wish to share?

    Show them off by posting them on our Facebook Page or emailing [email protected] with the image attached

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