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6 Celebrities You Might See in the BVI

Shawshank Redemption

6 Celebrities You Might See in the BVI!

Breaking free from mainstream, advertised Caribbean islands like Jamaica, Antigua, and Barbados, the BVI is an exclusive hotspot and still one of the best kept secrets worldwide; hence its great tag name ‘Nature’s Little Secrets’.

For this reason, celebrities seeking anonymity vacation in this sun-drenched location as a place where they can enjoy serenity and a slice of tangible paradise (not trying to blow your cover here!).

In the following list are a combination of both celebrities found in the BVI as well as traditionally known A-Listers, who all relish this archipelago.

*** North Americans and Canadians–a huge bulk of BVI tourism–who have discovered these islands and return repeatedly, will likely know the local celebrities – these notable figures have gained international reputations and have establishments that are fixed into any well-versed tourist’s itinerary.

(1) Morgan Freeman



The famed film actor with the distinctive narrator’s voice is a long-time BVI lover.

These islands are known as the global capital for sailing, so for Morgan, an avid sailor, this is Heaven.

The versatile performer told the BVI’s Welcome Magazine: “When I first got to Virgin Gorda it was very rustic; old school with goats and cows on the street,” in reference to the changes he has seen over the long period time he’s known the BVI.

Meeting with BVI Tortola’s Rotary Club, or more likely found residing in Virgin Gorda with the other yacht enthusiasts, many have described him as a down-to-Earth individual. Kind of what you might expect from a man fit to be cast as ‘the ultimate calming presence’ – God himself (Bruce Almighty 2003).

Morgan Freeman

(2) Foxy Callwood



Like many of the phenomenal geographical sights in the BVI, Foxy has become a prominent character for tourist photography with many requesting a photo op when spotting the musician—whether in his base of operations (Foxy’s on Jost Van Dyke), or casually doing the shopping at a RTW outlet.


(3) Sir Richard Branson

Richard Branson

A man who needs no introduction…This famous philanthropist is literally everywhere, building his companies, offering his expertise in entrepreneurship, and doing extreme activities that keep the social media world entertained.


Probably the most famous resident-billionaire in the BVI, Sir Richard pays homage to the Territory with his Virgin Group enterprise name, comprised of more than 400 companies. He owns Moskito and Necker islands in the North Sound off Virgin Gorda, and is often seen with a wide smile and a boat full of stunning women cruising around the islands.

(4) Bomba


Bomba Shack is quite literally planks of wood put together in the most chaotic, disorderly way possible. If you’re looking for a smooth, slick bar, this is the exact opposite…yet, this establishment is now a landmark on the globe.

Mainly popular among the North Americans and Canadians who know the BVI and by default know this bizarrely popular spot, it has made its stamp on the world.

Renowned for the hedonistic debaucheries of mushroom tea and Full Moon parties, the history of this place saw many women taking photos with Bomba with…how to put this politely? – ‘misplaced’ clothing.

Decorating this decadent spot now are the old photos of those particular moments with other ‘remnants’ hanging up all over the shack. An unusual location indeed…but one with an immense following.



(5) Keidran ‘Iyaz’ Jones


Born in Carrot Bay on Tortola, Keidran Jones, who goes by the stage name ‘Iyaz’ is a singer-songwriter and dancer.

Growing up, he was a part of his neighbourhood rap group CB4Lyfe before doing solo gigs and eventually landing on Oprah’s talk-show.

He was first discovered by Sean Kingston and was signed by the record label Beluga Heights Records. He often comes to the BVI to visit family and may be spotted at a few of the regular Tortola night spots on those occasions.


(6) Quito Rymer

Winner of two of our Readers’ Choice Awards this year–Best BVI Artist and Best BVI Live Music Venue–this is one of the most talented performers on the island. A traditional artist and musician, everybody who visits or lives in the BVI comes to know Quito and if not Quito, then his establishments named after him.

Known more recently for his music video Reggae Express, he is another BVIslander who has expanded his fame beyond the region to a point where people will travel great distances with a visit to his establishment specifically in mind.






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