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5 Top Tips for hurricane preparation

Tips to Tame the Tempest

It’s that time of year again when we have to start thinking about hurricanes. Most of us that have lived here for a while have experienced at least one storm. In retrospect, we have learned the routine preparations for this turn of weather and the inevitable power outages; however, here are a few creative top tips that will hopefully make your hurricane experience a bit more manageable!

Get ahead: Before the storm hits and electricity is lost, try and get ahead of yourself. Make lots of easy food that just needs reheating (with a propane oven or gas ring). Do all the laundry, change all the sheets and wash and dry all towels etc. You will need lots of dry, clean clothes and blankets. There will be a clean-up and many chores to do after the storm passes, so try and start with a fresh slate.

The big freeze: As soon as you know a hurricane is likely to be coming our way, set your fridge and freezer to the coldest setting. Fill up as many empty 2 litre bottles and gallon-sized freezer bags with water and freeze to create ice packs. Keep coolers and cool bags to hand for extra cold storage.

Beat the boredom: One of the biggest problems with riding out a storm is the long tedious hours with no power and nothing to do. This is especially essential with young children.

Little kids love torches, especially head lamps that can keep them occupied for hours – just make sure you have plenty of batteries! Stock up on board games, puzzles, arts and crafts and make sure those Ipads are charged!

Peaceful pets: Keep in mind that storms can be very distressing for animals, particularly if they are largely outdoor dwellers. Create a warm dry bed for them and have lots of their favourite treats on hand. As a safety precaution, make sure your pet has upto-date information on their collar in case they get lost or disoriented during the storm.

Box it up: Collect plastic totes, old towels and blankets, and large garbage bags to protect any valuables and breakables. Second-hand towels and blankets can be picked up cheaply at your local charity shop.

Be aware of any outdoor clay/terracotta plant pots that could get smashed by flying debris. If they are too large to bring inside, move them into a protected corner and wrap in bubble-wrap. If you anticipate flooding, keep personal items like photo-albums, passports and important documents in an airtight box.


Hopefully, it will be a quiet and peaceful hurricane season this year. Being prepared is crucial to riding out this period safely and sanely.

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