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5 Titbits for Hurricane Season

Always good to be ready…just in case!

Photography courtesy of Smiths Gore

This time of year is all about being prepared.

In addition to the heat and humidity, hurricanes are an unfortunate side effect of summer island living. Even if you’ve experienced hurricanes in past seasons, they can be extra stressful if they take you by surprise.

As well as stocking up on essentials such as bottled water and batteries, here are few simple steps to prepare your property before a storm hits.


  1. Tidy and Organise: Walk around your property perimeters and tidy up anything that is not tied down or attached. Flying debris is the biggest cause of damage in high winds. Any items that are not being used on a daily basis should be stored or stowed away. Keep loose foliage to a minimum and clear away any rock piles or loose wood.


  1. Outdoor Furniture: All outdoor furnishings should be stored when a storm is approaching. Whether items are brought inside the house, stored in a shed, or thrown in the swimming pool—without the cushions of course—have a plan in place so furniture can be easily and quickly secured when needed.


  1. Guttering and Roofing: Most of us forget about the top of our house, focusing more on what we can see. Your roof and guttering are going to take the brunt of the impact and now is the time to ensure gutters are clear and flowing, and any issues with the roof are repaired.


  1. Generator and Fuel: If you have a generator, your hurricane experience should be quite comfortable compared to others less fortunate sweating it out in the dark. Nevertheless, a generator is only effective if it works. Now is the time to ensure everything is in order and you have plenty of fuel on hand. Don’t forget about propane either and check you have enough supply to last at least a week. Even if you have an electric oven, most stovetops are usable without power.


  1. Shutters: Caribbean properties either have hurricane proof glass or shutters. If you are relying on the latter to protect your doors and windows, now is the time to check they are functional, clearly marked, and on hand for when they are needed. Although you should have sufficient warning to install the shutters, you don’t want the extra stress of fixing a broken shutter or figuring out which shutter goes where just before the storm hits.

By following these tips and considering the protection of your property before a storm arrives, we hope you and your home stay safe this hurricane season.

Smiths Gore

Smiths Gore

Smiths Gore is one of the preeminent real estate advisers in the British Virgin Islands and the Caribbean. Contributing authors include Kate Henderson, Morgana Tilling, Bernadette George, and Lucienne Smith
Smiths Gore

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