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Top 10 Kitchen Design Ideas

One area in every home becomes the gathering place, no matter how many people live there. Families gather for meals and visitors gravitate toward this workhorse of a room; the kitchen really is the heart of the home, and wanting to make it an enjoyable place to spend time, along with the functional aspects of cooking and storing food, make it a desirable place to update.

It’s also one of the best places to add some equity to your home. Spring is the perfect time for a ‘refresh’ of your spaces, and the kitchen is a great place to start. These top design trends for 2017 will get your creative juices flowing and have you planning your next project in no time.

  1. Neutral Cabinets

Gone are the days of natural wood cabinetry; white and grey are here to stay. The lighter feel of white or grey cabinets makes your kitchen feel brighter and bigger. White is fresh, breezy, and clean, but can begin to feel clinical without some warmer accents. Grey is a great way to incorporate colour while still keeping a neutral colour palette.

  1. Innovative (and Functional) Storage

If there was one thing anyone wants more of in the kitchen, it would probably be storage space. Instead of cramming food and dishware into pre-existing cabinets, many people are opting to create a more functional wall of storage solutions. Creative use of small spaces and time-saving, double-duty drawers and cabinets, help maximise storage space and de-clutter countertops.

  1. Greenery

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017, this lush hue brings energy into the high-traffic kitchen space. This back-to-nature colour enhances an island look and feel, and brings the outdoors in. It works great as an accent wall colour or even a tiled backsplash and works with both light and dark woods, as well as stainless steel kitchen elements.

  1. Classic Palettes and ‘Tuxedo’ Kitchens

If colour of the year Greenery is too adventurous for your kitchen, there is nothing wrong with a classic black and white palette. Two-toned kitchens are very ‘in’ right now, and the trend is growing in 2017. Having lighter, neutral upper cabinets and contrasting darker cabinets below, create an interesting aesthetic while keeping a timeless feel.

  1. Unique Sinks

For a great way to incorporate colour or shine into your kitchen without painting a full wall, a sink with a fresh hue adds lots of character. Green and blue are trending options this year, but metallic sinks with unique shapes are also gaining traction, and make washing dishes or cleaning produce more interesting!

  1. Technology and Automation

We live in a very connected world, and one place in your home where you may want to make things easier and faster would be the kitchen. Think lights that automatically turn on when the kitchen is in use and turn off when nobody is there. This automated feature would be particularly helpful in Caribbean homes where power is expensive. Other automated items could include sinks that turn on with a tap of a forearm or elbow, and appliances that connect to your smartphone to turn on and off. Wouldn’t it be great to start the coffee maker from your bed with an app and have it ready when you get to the kitchen?

  1. Mixed-Material Countertops

While a kitchen island with a slab of stone is elegant, countertops that combine more than one material are on the cutting edge of kitchen design. Granite, quartz, and laminate remain staples, but wood is making a strong entrance into the countertop design world. A granite or quartz countertop will give you a luxurious feel, but a wood breakfast bar offers a modern flair while still feeling natural. With a mixed-material countertop, you can still have an upscale look while maintaining an organic island feel.

  1. Modern Architectural Lines

If a complete kitchen remodel isn’t an option, sprucing up places like the faucet or light fixtures with more modern touches, is all you need for an updated look. Even if your kitchen doesn’t have a modern design, clean architectural lines can bring a fresh feel to the space without detracting from the overall theme. Minimalist faucets or a more modern lamp or pendant lighting fixture, can help a tired space feel new.

  1. Hidden Appliances

Along with neutral cabinetry, appliances are taking a more muted turn in 2017. Stainless steel appliances have dominated the market for some time, but if you’re looking for a softer look, they can feel industrial. Hidden appliances that meld into the kitchen’s overall design, keep a room’s flow natural and create a more seamless aesthetic.

  1. Copper and Brass Accents

Another place that stainless steel is moving out, is in cabinet fixtures. Kitchens in 2017 are warming up to softer copper and brass tones in everything from drawer pulls and cabinet handles to backsplashes, sinks, and even full appliances. The neutral cabinet trend lends well to a smart flash of copper or brass and offers a timeless silhouette while still feeling fresh and modern.

While these trends are fresh for 2017, the really great news is that many of them have major staying power. You can’t go wrong with neutrals, and opting for timeless and functional will make your home feel inviting year after year.

Photography and design by Lagnappe Custom Interiors LLC

Sara Sherman
Sara Sherman is a former St. Thomas resident and the editor of Virgin Islands Property & Yacht.
Sara Sherman

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