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Top 10 Attractions for Renting a Caribbean Villa


BVI HomeSense – The Top 10 Attractions for Renting a Caribbean Villa

Photography by David Thomas

So, you have decided to look at the Caribbean for your next trip – the BVI in particular.

What’s the next move? Villa? Hotel? Resort? How do you decide what’s best for you? Here’s our top 10 reasons for putting villas at the top of your list.

#1 A villa trip is tailor made for your needs

1 bedroom intimacy? No problem – we can help with that. Destination wedding for 50 people? No problem – we can help with that too. However you book or find your villa, you will be put in touch with someone who knows the destination intimately, guaranteeing your fit to the right property for your vacation.

#2 Personal Service

You will be met on arrival and escorted to your home-away-from home. Whether that’s a $200.00 per night quaint cottage or a luxurious $5,000.00 per night villa with personal chef and all the frills, you will be treated like royalty from inception.


#3 Authenticity

A villa vacation is the quickest way to acquire the authentic island experience. The manager and staff live right there so they will share all their personal favourites with you. This might be newly opened restaurants, a beach that the professional island tours can’t reach, or just that perfect spot to be for sunset. You will have an unparalleled chance to experience your chosen island through the eyes of the people who call the Territory home.

#4 Location, location, location

Vacation villas go where large hotels can’t – sometimes this is right on the beach. Other spots are nestled in secluded hillsides. There are even villas right in the heart of the local business communities. This goes back to our first tip – whatever you seek in your dream vacation, you will be able to find in the vacation villa market.


#5 You’re Home!

There’s nothing like the intimacy of an entire home to yourself. Of course most villas still give you the option of maid service, private chefs and perhaps even a boat, but the key is this is all on your terms, when you decide.

#6 No Schedules

You want breakfast in the pool at 4.00am – that’s ok. You prefer to snooze until the afternoon after a fun night dancing under the stars, that works too. You’re literally permitted to go at your desired pace.

#7 The People

From the start of the booking process, you’ll be meeting people who love where they live, love sharing it with you, and who may well become virtually a part of your family.

#8 Special Deals

This one doesn’t always happen, but as you are working with villa owners, or their very close representatives, you will get the chance to bargain direct. Again, don’t rely on getting deals – especially during peak periods, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!

#9 Elimination of ‘What If…’

No one starts to plan a trip thinking about the ‘What ifs’, but if things do go wrong from lost luggage to major travel or health glitches, you’ll have folk you already know at your side to help through the process. There won’t be a wall of staff changing shifts regularly. You’ll have familiar faces there with you throughout any potential challenges – much easier than having to explain a story repeatedly to different people.


#10 FUN!

A villa vacation offers all the fun you are looking for in exactly the quantities that you seek. Beach-front and hillside seascapes, air-conditioned spaces, ocean breezes, sunsets, snorkelling, foodie paradise, barefoot luxury, pool, parties, seclusion, boat trips, and hammocks! It’s all in the realm of possibility.

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BVI Sotheby's International Realty

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