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Tailored for the Sailors w/ Blunder Bay Estates


From VIPY’s thorough experience of interviewing property owners, talking to long term BVI visitors and weekly vacationers, and speaking with resident companies and individuals across a variety of industries, there are five activities that easily rank as the top pursuits people relish most in the BVI: Marine hobbies including sailing and diving, island hopping, seafood sampling, luxury spa treatments, and visiting Virgin Gorda’s (VG) world famous Baths.

One often desires a location and property that simplifies accessibility to these indulgences; presenting Blunder Bay Estates.

As an organisation, Blunder Bay is a combination of experience—knowing BVI resident and visitor demands, and skill—architectural and geographical astuteness.

Following Blunder Bay Estates’ purchase of VG North Sound land in 2004, this wholly owned ‘Belonger’ company seeks to provide customised paradise for the savvy property buyer, with 10 parcels for sale, including infrastructure and docks.


Interviewing the team at Blunder Bay Estates, we found out why these parcels are particularly special in a region, that’s already classified as spectacular.

Why choose the location Virgin Gorda North Sound for this project? 

The BVI has the best sailing waters in the world; the Sir Francis Drake Channel to name just one of the most loved bodies of ‘sheltered’ water in the region.

The Territory—a cluster of 60 islands and cays—is classified as the ‘yachting capital of the Caribbean’ and is a sailor’s paradise that’s always in sight of land.


With stunning scenery and the best beaches the Caribbean has to offer, approximately 15 of the islands are inhabited with a combined population of 27,800. VG is the third-largest—in terms of land mass—and second most populated in the BVI, promoting a relaxed, easy-going pace. It covers an area of about eight square miles and North Sound is on the Northeast side – on occasion, one can find themselves on a beach entirely theirs for the day.

North Sound is one of the premier destinations in the BVI as the sophisticated locale has a wide variety of well protected anchorages, great beaches, snorkelling destinations, hotels, resorts, and marinas. It is also famous for the presence of high profile personalities as property owners, which has boosted international recognition of the BVI.

The growing popularity of North Sound as a superyacht destination and playground, has significantly increased the demand for other amenities and rental accommodation; the number of superyacht owners visiting North Sound has increased by 25% from 200 in 2015 to 250 in 2016, with majestic tall ships often found anchored.


Every kind of boat and water activity is available, including sailing trips to secluded beaches, diving, rowing, windsurfing, Blue Marlin fishing, parasailing, kiteboarding, water-skiing, sea kayaking, glass-bottom-boat cruising, snorkelling, jet skiing, and stand-up paddle boarding.

Even non-water activities like ultralight flying, helicopter sightseeing tours, hiking, and horseback riding are offered, in addition to fine dining restaurants, and ‘toes in the sand’ dining experiences.

With its additional benefits of natural beauty and idyllic sailing conditions, business and property investment in North Sound has a prosperous future.

What makes Blunder Bay Estates so special in comparison to other beautiful locations out there? 

The entire property named Blunder Bay Estates after its geographical location Blunder Bay, commands a spectacular view of the North Sound in Virgin Gorda, boasting sun, sea, and perfect white sand of the barefoot chic location.


It includes views over the neighbouring Islands of Necker, Mosquito Island, Prickly Pear, Saba Rock, and Eustatia. Our other neighbours in North Sound include the Yacht Club Costas Smeralda (YCCS) and superyacht docks.

Situated on the northern tip of VG, Blunder Bay is adjacent to Anguilla Point and opposite Mosquito Island. It’s a peaceful retreat, next to the North Sound Channel which has become the island playground for the rich and famous.

Only accessible by sea ensuring its privacy and exclusivity, it’s comprised of 21 acres of pristine oceanfront, offering only 10 parcels. Each of the 10 parcels will be sold to individual owners who will construct their own villas. Compliance with the Architectural and Building Guidelines is significant and they are quite flexible, designed to protect each villa owner’s investment, exclusivity, ecology, environment, privacy, and ‘line of sight.’

The fact that this land can only be reached by boat is one it’s most alluring qualities, as it grants the experience of true island living without all the challenging responsibilities that go with owning an Island – an attraction especially appealing to sailing enthusiasts.


Why would a property investor specifically choose a Blunder Bay Estate parcel? 

This property is about the sale of land with magnificent sea views, docks and infrastructure that provides the buyers with a clean sheet; the opportunity to design and build their own home/villa that meets their immediate and future requirements.

The type of experience on offer will entice yacht enthusiasts and those interested in marine activities. This is why the property includes exclusive luxury docks on the south and north side of the development. However, the property is about three minutes to Gun Creek and from there the island activities, restaurants, and facilities of Virgin Gorda can be explored by car.

The size and configuration of each villa will depend on the requirements of each villa owner; the aesthetics have to follow The Chameleon Concept’ whereby the villas should be designed to blend into the local landscape.

Approximately 90% of the infrastructure, including the docks, roads, amenities building, concierge residence, landscaping, and underground utilities have been constructed. The roads have been pigmented with an earthy colour, to blend into the environment.

The docks are built on a seabed lease, and have provided the base docks to be 80 feet in length, however if a villa owner wishes to extend the length of dock, then this may also be arranged.

Villa owners will have views of all the aforementioned and also the activities taking place in the North Sound around the year, including the Rolex Swan Cup, Caribbean 50° YCCS Anniversary Regatta BVI, Loro Piana Caribbean Superyacht Regatta Rendezvous, and the Atlantic Anniversary Regatta.


The remoteness and small villa owners’ association made of 10 Villa owners will likely form a pleasant community. On site concierge, a mooring ball field, access to four beaches, and a three-acre staging/storage area for villa owners to keep their construction materials plus a barge ramp, contribute to the luxurious convenience.

Blunder Bay Estates is the only new development in North Sound to have constructed exclusive docks. Associated companies including EMCS.com can provide comprehensive design and build packages for owners, and Platinum Yacht Charters.com is available to facilitate sea transport from the airport directly to Blunder Bay.

Photography by Rainbow Visons BVI 

For further information:

Blunder Bay Estates 

Ron Brash: 284-547-5883 

Email Ronald.brash@ blunderbayestates.com

Website: blunderbayestates.com

View progression photographs at: http://rainbowvisions.zenfolio.com/p235264258



Land area:                   ACRES                         SQ FT   


Beach front:                5.42                              236,531

Ocean front:                5.20                              229,126

Ocean bluff:                2.39                              104,108

Hillside:                      4.29                              186,873

17.30                            756,638

Infrastructure             3.45                               147,232

20.75                         903,870

The 17.30 acres have been sub-divided into 10 Individual Building Parcels for sale as follows:

PARCEL NO.               LOCATION           ACRES                   SQ.FT

Parcel 1                      Beach Front        1.81                        78,844                  Includes 80-foot dock attached to Parcel

Parcel 2                      Ocean Front       2.00                        87,120                  Includes 80-foot dock attached to Parcel

Parcel 3                      Ocean Front       1.90                        81,764                  Includes 80-foot dock attached to Parcel

Parcel 4                      Ocean Bluff         2.39                        104,108               Includes 80-foot dock attached to Parcel

Parcel 5                      Beach Front        1.37                        59,677                 Includes 80-foot dock attached to Parcel

Parcel 6                      Beach Front        1.24                        54,014                 Includes dock in Main Estate dock

Parcel 7                      Beach Front        1.01                        43,996                 Includes dock in Main Estate dock

Parcel 8                      Ocean Front       1.36                        59,242                 Includes dock in Main Estate dock

Parcel 9                      Hillside                  2.23                        97,139              Includes dock in Main Estate dock

Parcel 10                    Hillside                  2.06                        89,734              Includes dock in Main Estate dock


Parcels 1 – 5 have 2 docks, 1 in main estate dock and 1 attached to the Parcel.

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