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Small Space BIG Impact – 5 Ways!

When you are short on space, there is no need to compromise on style. With a little ingenuity and creativity, and without too much effort and expense, you can transform that space into an integral part of your home; somewhere that has more functionality, appeal, and maximises the limited space available.

De-Clutter: If your small space is full of clutter that rarely sees the light of day, consider reducing the number of items that you don’t need. Remove pieces that don’t serve a purpose, or that are not of sentimental or fiscal value. Too many pieces can make a room seem busy and claustrophobic. The adage ‘less is more’ is never more appropriate than when decorating a small room or space. Rather than using lots of pieces scattered around the area, concentrate on one or two larger pieces to create focus.

Let there be Light: As with all restricted, enclosed spaces, the main concern is light, or more accurately the lack of it. If your room has windows, using sheer-curtains will encourage light and make the room brighter. Consider hanging curtains or drapes from the height of the ceiling, or let them hang lower than the floor; this gives the room and windows a feel of being taller.

The colour scheme you choose for a room is crucial to the design of a successful space, that is both comforting and functional. Pale, reflective shades will add and reflect light around the room and give a sense of spaciousness. Darker colours will absorb the light and create shadows and dark areas. An exception to this rule is to choose a focus wall and decorate it with a pattern design. Doing this will add an elegant backdrop and draw the eye to your most precious pieces, or perhaps a notable painting or photograph.

Get Reflective: The illusion of being in a bigger room than in reality can also come from the use of mirrored glass, something that is much easier and cheaper than any structural alterations you might consider. Mirrors add the feeling of openness and brightness to small confined spaces and can be placed anywhere in a room to achieve this effect. A mirror placed directly opposite a large window, will enable you to see outside from different angles and provide added light to your room. Placing a mirror behind a lamp will boost the amount of light that fills the room at a much-needed time of the day.

Making an Entrance: Hallway entrances—which at times can be overlooked when decorating—are the first areas visitors see when they enter your home. You can add hooks for keys and coats, or a bench with storage capacity for shoes and other items. Try placing a console table which is narrow, does not take up too much space, and is not too intrusive. Add overhead lights or table lamps to add that feeling of brightness and space.

Functional Furniture: You may want one or two pieces of furniture in a small space. Consider pieces that are multifunctional. A sleeper sofa is an obvious choice, giving comfort, versatility, and adding a guest room to your house. Instead of large sofas, why not add two love seats facing each other to open up the space?

Trunks and ottomans can act as storage and add character to a room, in addition to providing a sound surface for a coffee table or table lamp. Tables that can extend or that collapse into smaller versions of themselves, will be far more practical than a rigid version used occasionally. They are also useful as a temporary desk or work service when needed, but stored when not.

Likewise, folding chairs can also be put to one side when not in use, or even removed completely to another room if required somewhere else. If you have high ceilings, you might consider hanging your dining chairs from your walls in the Shaker manner. It will free up valuable space when not required and make it easier to move around a confined space.

Whether your small space is your kitchen, dining room, bathroom, or patio there is always a way to give that small space a big impact feeling!

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