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Adulation of Architectural Genius


Readers’ Choice Focus: Roger Downing & Partner

Photography courtesy of Virgin Limited Edition and RDP

Winning a Readers’ Choice award four times consecutively is a challenging feat and this difficulty is amplified when the competition is fierce.

Roger Downing & Partner Company Limited (RDP) have achieved this inspiring accomplishment, emerging as Best BVI Architectural Firm in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 from the support of our VIPY readership voters.

Bali House Aerial Hi



Founded in 1969 by Roger Downing and Miles Outerbridge from Bermuda, residents and visitors will be familiar with some of RDP’s renowned projects—namely Necker Island’s original Main House and 2010/11 renovation on their Bali Units , Little Dix Bay, and the JOMA properties.

Within the BVI, the organisation has emerged as a well-respected architectural and engineering firm, steadily expanding in their field to incorporate interior design in their services with the belief that this addition is integral to any project.


1 IMG_3282




Talking to Director Thor Downing about their continued success, he said: “we certainly strive for perfection and pay very close attention to our clients’ needs and expectations. Communication is one of our key elements that we concentrate on. Simple email responses cannot be underestimated. Our goal is never to be satisfied with just ok—we strive to improve our service, quality of design, and level of professionalism.”

With their fervent passion for design, the company constantly researches new materials, methods of construction, and advances in technology. They recognise the evolution of client’s lifestyles and as a founding principal, “each site requires a bespoke solution,” said Thor in reference to RDP’s assignments. “We spend a great deal of care at the very beginning with the topographical survey and modelling to be absolutely sure of the project’s placement, axes on views, and minimising ancillary costs for retaining structures,” he continued.



Symbio Villa

Symbio Villa



With their expertise realised in designing on incredibly steep slopes—arguably the most complex sites, at all times they attempt to integrate the design of the property in the natural objects of the area, such as large trees and boulders.

“These are not obstacles to us,” said the director. “But opportunities to truly make the project unique and reflective of its surroundings.”

RDP has been involved and responsible for the design and construction of countless luxury villas such as Rosewood Resorts Little Dix Bay, Peter Island Hotel since the early seventies, Necker Island in 1988 and 2010, and Oil Nut Bay, as well as substantial private residential complexes, marine and commercial developments.

Beach Club

Oil Nut Bay Beach Club upstairs

ONB Beach Club-high.flash.

Anticipating a healthy series of high-end residential works paralleling collaborative projects for the future, RDP pride themselves in the development of their concepts, striving to keep on the cutting edge of technology and sustainability while “[being] guided by the specific site as well as the expectations of…clients, effortlessly blending the two.”

Roger Downing & Partner co. ltd.


Tel: + 1(284) 494 2762

*** 7.5.2015: Clarification with regard to the Virgin Islands Property & Yacht April 2015 article Adulation of Architectural Genius

With reference to the Necker Bali Buildings in this article, VIPY would like to make the succeeding clarification following permission from Roger Downing and Partner and wording provided by the RIBA:

“The original architecture firm – Osman Adams Partners

The remodelling works firm – Roger Downing and Partner”

Thanks very much and apologies for any confusion

Erin Paviour-Smith

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