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Exclusive Feature: The restoration of Tortola’s finest residence – Lambert Beach Resort & Estate

Photography by aLookingGlass and courtesy of Lambert Beach Resort

What is happening with Lambert Beach Resort and Estate?

This is a question that has maintained intrigue among BVI residents and visitors, who knew the highly successful retreat in its glory days.

The vast geographical landscape of the Resort is the personification of beauty with arguably the most gorgeous beach in the entire BVI. With the adoration the estate attracts, masses of the BVI community as well as tourists have wanted to know the future of the residence.

In the last few years, theories and notions have been aired about the hotel’s activity; the original owners, who successfully made the retreat one of the best resorts in the BVI, have responded.


What happened to Lambert Beach Resort (LBR)?

In 1987, Elisabeth Beach Resort Ltd (EBRL) purchased the location renowned as LBR with a vision of building and developing a prosperous retreat.

Subsequently, a 20-year period conceived construction and expansion of the land’s infrastructure comprising a 38-key resort with residential units; the property was fitted with all the amenities to afford a luxurious experience. With 11 villas and 60 condominiums built, seven villas and 30 condominiums were sold to third parties.

Following this success, the entire resort was sold to a local company in 2006, funded by a loan from EBRL. With the buyer defaulting on their obligations, the BVI’s Insolvency Act forced the buyer into liquidation. In 2013, EBRL re-purchased the entire residence, but during the seven-year sale period, the resort had suffered greatly from inactivity.


The Family behind LBR

Many BVI residents will know the name Claudio Arduini (left). He is the original architect of the LBR concept: a dream to build a scenic estate with all amenities situated in the complex at the shoreline of the BVI’s most picturesque beach—Elisabeth Bay; a concept that he brought to fruition with unrivalled success.

Interviewing EBRL Director Fabio Arduini—Claudio’s son—and LBR General Manager Giorgio Paradisi, they explained that even though the family does not own EBRL anymore, the new shareholders strongly believe in continuing Claudio’s vision, and have therefore retained Fabio as a director. Initiation of refurbishment has already commenced with Fabio and Giorgio intending to surpass the success of the resort’s previous accomplishments.

“The first time my father came to the BVI was 1982 with the purchase of a property in Virgin Gorda and he developed what is now known as Mahoe Bay.”

Fabio continued, relaying that his father came to learn of the land of LBR during this period. “At this time, it was called Elisabeth Bay and it was a single cow trail…with lots of bush and [foliage],” said the director. “We had been coming to the BVI for 5 years prior, and in 1987, my father purchased this land.”

Fabio proceeded to explain that their family business was primarily in real estate, but he recognised that they could enhance their property buyers’ experience by creating a hotel with all the features pertaining to that industry.

“We are real estate developers, but we always felt the resort had a key importance to create the value of the property surrounding it…with the amenities of a resort present, like a nice restaurant…not only for the tourists and short term rentals, but for those that wanted to stay long term,” said Fabio.

It was the current EBRL director who persuaded his father to enrich the residential complex with a resort and the benefits akin to a tourist destination.

vista da ristorante

Giorgio Paradisi—known in the BVI for his restaurant Giorgio’s on Virgin Gorda—has moved from the pristine showcase island to LBR because he views the area as “the best spot to live in Tortola after living on the [most coveted British Virgin Island],” said the General Manager.

“Quality of life is what attracted me to work here at Lambert,” Giorgio commented further. With Fabio and Giorgio agreeing that there is a void in the Tortola market to be filled with a private, functional estate for property investment, their overall goal is clear.

“We’re back and we’re going…to do better than what was before the sale,” said Fabio in reference to the success that Lambert was having prior to the EBRL sale.

With the family who made the estate such a popular locale returned to management, their purpose is to create the idyllic place in Tortola for conscientious property buyers.

What does LBR offer today and for the future?

Pleasant landscaped grounds with walkways, pave way through LBR’s distinctive complex. Palm trees granting shade and seagrape acting as a natural windbreak, keeps the air cool and still.

Situated on approximately 47.5 acres of freehold land, one of LBR’s main allures is the 1,500ft stretch of shore renowned as the most attractive beach in the BVI – the stunning Elisabeth Bay, one of the only BVI beaches to have the benefits of serenity and neighbouring sociable amenities.

The geographical structure of the property resembles what Fabio describes as an amphitheatre with the land rising to over 300ft from sea line.

“The beach is our main asset but as a whole, I want to make the resort the top destination for all…reasons, not just for a singular reason,” said Fabio, discussing his goal to create a universally attractive location for real estate investment. “…being a bowl shaped area…it is like another world,” he continued in describing the unique physique of the estate.






The structure of the residence permits sufficient spacing between the homes, allowing privacy yet harbouring the unison of a community within the ‘amphitheatre.’

“Most tourists mention to me…this is one of the few places where it’s not crowded and it doesn’t cost you a $1000 a night,” said Fabio who is attempting to translate the aforementioned tourist experience and appreciation of price to investors looking for permanent residency in the BVI.

The structure of the properties on the estate encompass 38 resort rooms with en-suite bathrooms, walk‐in showers, king size beds (twins are also available), free standing and fitted furniture, TVs and air conditioning.

There are four villas that have been developed and remain owned as part of the resort. Variable features include three-four bedrooms, private swimming pools, and property sizes ranging from 1431-3062sqft. These havens are nestled in the lush green of the natural environment with incredible panoramic views, exclusive to LBR.

In addition, there are 30 condominiums that will all eventually possess a contemporary, smooth interior design with a queen or king size bed, modern shower unit and kitchenette.

May 2013 017


May 2013 010

Talking to Giorgio and Fabio about the resort amenities, that magnify the allure of property purchase, they imparted that the estate has a restaurant and bar positioned to give customers maximum benefit of the view of the beach and the infinite ocean. This will be catered by an Italian Chef from Tuscany providing traditional Italian cuisine and a wider range of fare for the brunch and lunch menu. A stage and a dance area on the outside of the restaurant will make for live entertainment, and a gazebo on the beach will continue to accommodate the numerous wedding requests LBR is known for.

The Club House obliges meetings and functions with a maximum capacity of 120 people. Currently used as a social facility for guests with a lounge, TV and pool table, it also has an outside covered terrace with seating.

A reception with porte cochere contains administrative offices, a self-contained manager’s apartment and a business centre with workstations for up to 12 people.

LBR is also famous for having the BVI’s largest fresh water swimming pool and swim up counter for their other bar with seating for 14 at stools (eight within the water). Future developments include security at the entrance, a convenience store and boutique, and a spa.





“We would like to do a special dinner for the local community and then show them around the estate,” said Fabio in his desire to let residents of the BVI know that LBR is improving to a state beyond its best days over the impending months.

Lambert Beach Resort is back in full operation with the original owners who made it the finest destination on the island. This is a residence for perceptive property buyers who will have the option of enjoying the location as a resident or making an income from renting their BVI home.

EBRL presents Lambert Beach Resort & Estate



  • – 38 key hotel with restaurant, bar and function room
  • – Four villas ranging from three-four bedroom
  • – 30 Condominium units (mainly studios and a few one-bedrooms)
  • – 45 additional lots containing approximately 27.5 acres of undeveloped land
  • – Manage your property through EBRL for an income
  • – Property buyers have option – short or long term rental
  • – 50% financing available from ERBL
  • – Restaurant and bar – capacity 60
  • – 10mins from Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport
  • – 15mins from the capital Road Town
  • – Back of House / infrastructure Reverse Osmosis Plant – capacity of 15,000 gallons a day
  • – Two generators provide emergency power
  • – Main laundry with two washers and two dryers
  • – Central septic tank
  • – Largest freshwater pool in the BVI with swim up bar
  • – Car parking – 40 cars

Condo units starting from as low as US $110,000

Three bedroom villas starting from US $695,000

Four bedroom villa US$1,495,000      

Contact Details:

Giorgio Paradisi General Manager

Elizabeth Beach Resort Po Box 534 East End Tortola, BVI +1 284 547 9519 Lambert Beach Resort Website [email protected]

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