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Expanding the Power Revolution! w/ aTec and CSC


The final part in a three-part series

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Photography courtesy of CSC

Reducing a monthly energy bill definitely has its place among the desires of most BVI residents.

The world is going in a clear direction when contemplating energy resources; the only questions amid the inevitable change to renewable energy (RE): are we on-board with the power revolution and reaping the benefits already?

aTec stand as an authority, leading the BVI’s energy resource ascension. They continue to provide a smooth, professional experience for their clients who make the wise transition to renewable and sustainable sources, affording their customers with expert installation of their cutting-edge technology.

“Our team is friendly and professional,” promotes aTec Managing Director Dana Miller. “Your experience as our client is a top priority; we make sure you are satisfied and happy with your power generation system and our service response time.”


aTec’s most recent development is the company’s partnership with Caribbean Solar Energy (CSC); their unified intention is to provide BVI residents with total solar energy, energy storage, and energy monitoring solutions.

The partnership will combine aTec’s proficiency in commercial and off-grid RE projects with CSC’s expertise in residential and grid-tied solar projects; a fusion to present a one-stop shop for all energy projects.

“The combination of aTec and CSC is a highly strategic, value-enhancing step that brings together the unique strengths of our companies to deliver best-in-class RE technologies and services to customers in the BVI,” said CSC Co-owner/Manager Maya Matthews-Sterling. “A strong local partnership that shares values of quality workmanship and customer service will greatly facilitate the implementation of renewable energy into this new market. Together, we will focus on the residential and light commercial sector of the BVI solar market.”


CSC’s mission is to provide an environmentally friendly and affordable alternative energy source to residents in the Caribbean by selling and installing residential, commercial, and utility-scale photovoltaic systems, including, site assessments, custom system design, planning and construction, system installations, system monitoring, system warranties, and system maintenance to customers in the Virgin Islands. CSC offers various types of photovoltaic systems including, grid-tie (grid interactive), battery back-up (grid tie and battery back-up), and off-grid (independent of local utility provider).


CSC has been in business since June 2012. Locally owned and operated in St John, USVI, the business is dedicated to offering clean, reliable solar energy for Virgin Islanders. “With a construction portfolio of more than 100 renewable energy projects, we pride ourselves on our innovative projects designed to harness solar energy in the Caribbean,” said CSC Co-owner/Operator Kevin Schnell.


Like aTec, CSC is a full service operation providing customer service throughout the entire process of installation, including obtaining all necessary permits, processing paperwork with the utility company on the customer’s behalf, and registering installed products with the manufacturer to ensure the customer’s warranty coverage.

This unification will witness CSC managing the sales, system design, and engineering with aTec using their existing framework to ensure that the systems are installed efficiently and to code.

The BVI has passed a law to allow solar energy systems to be tied into to the utility grid. The future sees a clear pathway to permit these systems and a net-billing scheme in place where BVI residents will receive compensation for energy their solar systems put onto the grid. This will make ‘going solar’ easy and affordable.


The aTec/ CSC partnership will offer BVI residents more than solar energy systems. They have aligned with leading energy storage technologies and manufacturers to offer a variety of reliable backup power and off grid energy storage solutions so that customers may have clean and silent backup power in the event of power outages.

aTec/ CSC will also be vending two other products. The first is a cistern level monitoring device; once installed in a cistern, this device allows property owners to view the water level in their cistern remotely from any internet-connected tool. With this device, individuals may also set alerts so that they are notified via email or text when their property’s cistern reaches a certain level.


The second is an electricity usage monitoring device, which will keep clients informed of their property’s real-time energy consumption 24 hours a day.

“This equipment is helpful to make energy usage transparent and bring unusual ‘load profiles’ into view,” said Kevin. “For example, this equipment will point out abnormal energy consumptions such as a bad hot water heater that is heating water more often that it should, which is nearly impossible to identify without this leading edge technology.”


The result is that clients will know how much energy their property is consuming at any time from their computer or smart phone, allowing further efficiency and money-saving opportunities.

This is the future and the only question property owners should be pondering is how quickly they are going to take advantage of the inevitable change of the tides.

The ‘power revolution’ is on.



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