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Durable Construction with Rufred Forbes and Associates

The BVI’s discussions on construction processes is one of the significant current affairs of the day. Following the destruction that hurricane Irma reaped, the question is how the BVI will progress with building processes to create structures that can stand the test of future adversity.

Based in the Territory, Rufred Forbes and Associates (RFA construction) is a company operating with over 40 years’ experience in the construction industry with the tangible boast that their structures and roofs weathered September’s catastrophe well.

Founded by Rufred Forbes, RFA is based on his core values of being involved in each stage of the building and design process, insisting on delivering the highest quality product. The success of RFA continues to grow under his vision and leadership with Rufred being described as a genius and master of his craft. The principles of his methodologies, and ‘seeing the unforeseen’ have been passed on to his son, Cortez Forbes, who is the present RFA Managing Director.

Cortez spoke to VIPY about his company, what they offer, and what the storm means for the construction industry.

RFA take pride in the fact that they are meticulous in their construction procedures; although this is something that most individuals would anticipate of a company building properties, we have all witnessed that there is opportunity for improvement with construction works in the BVI. However, RFA show a uniqueness in their duteous devotion to the specifics. 

“We pay attention to every detail to ensure the production of the best possible version of a structure,” said Cortez, describing how RFA have operated since their inception. Such an assertion is easily supported by the astonishing fact that their buildings remained very much intact after Irma.

“Due to the outstanding quality and durability of our work, none of the structures or roofs we built sustained major damages,” said the Managing Director.

“As such, moving forward we plan on continuing our practice of delivering a high standard of work for a reasonable cost and will adhere to any change in the building codes or new laws introduced,” said Cortez. It is clear that there will be a transformation within BVI building practices and this upgrade will factor all the challenges faced during Irma’s aftermath. RFA are assisting the relief effort with charitable work.

“With the devastating hurricane damage sustained by many structures in the BVI, our company has partnered with the ‘Adopt the Roof BVI’ charity,” said the RFA Managing Director. “We donate roofing and the construction of it for the many residents that lost their roofs and are not capable to rebuild on their own.”

Moving into the future, RFA will be consistent in their high levels of service said Cortez. “If any building codes were to change, we will adapt to that.”

RFA Cortez Forbes  


Photography courtesy of RFA Construction

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