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Design Deconstructed

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The Fall of Icarus print from the Birds series by Bill Hammond. Framing by Images Custom Framing & Gallery. Large black/off white pot $265, small black/aqua pot $75, all from Arawak Interiors.

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All ‘e Same t’e Pakeha canvas print by Charles Goldie. Framing by Images Custom Framing & Gallery. Wooden beaded chandelier $595, tall blue glass vase $38.95, marina tall bottle vase $18.95, glass telor vase $34.95, Datura carved storage cabinet $1,550, extra-large black/green pot $325, small black/off white pot $125, all from Arawak Interiors.

As you embark on your construction project and establishing the end vision, consider elements early that will shape your final solutions.

Your design should reflect your personality and region, and what evokes good form and function to your specific needs.

The Sentiment

Pieces that have significant value or reference to you personally; furnishing that you might have inherited or reflects your heritage; art that tells a story or an object you acquired on an amazing exploration. 

Bring the notation of these elements to the forefront in your planning so they can be highlighted and showcased. 


The scale of pieces that you might have on-hand or look to implement, need to be carefully considered as they relate to the scale of the space.

A large chandelier—which in this example evokes a strong element of size and texture—is placed in the juxtaposition of the bold colour and scale of turquoise pottery. Your space is a work of art.


Lighting which creates mood, directs focus, and highlights texture or colour is an important component to a successful design. 

Photography by Rainbow Visions BVI

Debi Carson

Debi Carson

Habitat Editor Debi Carson is among the Caribbean's most prominent interior designers, heading one of the region's most versatile full-service design firms. Boasting sixteen years’ experience in the Caribbean and NCIDQ certification, Debi’s portfolio shines.
Debi Carson

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