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Decorating for a Hot Holiday

The holiday season is here and it is always exciting to think about how we can decorate our homes to celebrate the festivities that this time of year brings. Parties and entertaining are a huge part of this season and a great opportunity to have fun with decorating. There are many ways that we can change our décor temporarily for this season with minimum disruption.

At this time of year, homeowners can get away with bigger, bolder statements. However, some decorating ideas, as seen in the US or Europe, may look a little stuffy and out of place in our warmer climate. Here are a few tips and ideas for decorating for the holidays Virgin Islands style.

The Christmas tree is a huge part of traditional decorating and the choices available from the local supermarkets have greatly improved over the years. This year, try opting for a new colour of ornaments to rejuvenate the look of your tree. Or go for a beach theme using shell decorations only. Alternatively, opting for only one colour of ornaments will create a more elegant look.

Fake Christmas trees are extremely popular here and are now so realistic looking that sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference. Try placing a fir or spruce scented oil diffuser or scented decoration sticks around the tree to complete the illusion.

Before traditional Christmas trees were available in the VI, residents would farm century plants to celebrate the season. Sadly, a few years ago, many of the century plants on the island were destroyed by a virus, but are now coming back slowly. If found, the tree should be painted white, silver or gold to make more of a celebratory statement, and decorations can be hung on them. If you do not have the space for a tree, try taking dry branches inside to put in a large vase and spraying them white silver or gold to create more of a festive illusion.

Lighting is another way to make your house look festive. Battery operated LED lighted branches in a vase or as a table decoration are hugely popular in the holiday season. Nothing screams celebration more than strings of white fairy lights or candles. Festive coloured votives on a table with tea lights look charming. Candles with holiday scents scattered around the home are reminiscent of this special time of year. Pot pouri and diffusers with pine or autumn scents can be switched in around the house to create more of a seasonal feel. Festive plants may be expensive and hard to find, but this a good time of year to treat yourself and many stores sell

poinsettias plants in white or red which can look glorious and can easily outlast the season. Try changing your table linens for the holiday season. Richer colours and textures are perfect for your big dinner. Don’t be afraid of a bit of sparkle and well-placed sequin. This is the time of year to go a bit over the top and get away with it. Good quality paper tablecloths and napkins can be a great alternative to introduce a festive colour without a big investment. They also make clean up much easier. All the very best for a happy and healthy holiday season and fabulous 2013.


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