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Best Most Sustainable Products and Practices for a Storm

A concise look at what we need for safety and security

With current affairs revolving around the recent devastation of hurricane Irma, what property products and practices should a resident consider going forward?

Receiving input from Interior Designer (NCIDQ) and Artist Debi Carson, Clarence Thomas Managing Director Michael Thomas, and Rufred Forbes Associates Construction Managing Director Cortez Forbes, we’ve put together several points for you to contemplate in the structure or re-structuring of your home/business.

  • Building blocks filled with concrete and steel – foundation is crucial like all details in construction and these blocks need to have the proper rings tying them together to make a firm, immovable force to be reckoned with
  • Roof structure engineered properly – improving a roof or building a new one, make sure the sheets are screwed down securely with the appropriate spacing. In the ridges and at the edges where additional forces might be an issue, there are recommended spacing for all clips and screws given by your engineer
  • Treated plywood, ice and water shields, galvalume, hurricane clips, and tension straps – this is strongly recommended by those in the know. Use them in the rebuilding process of your roof and property as they offer added protection against extreme weather conditions
  • Impact resistant glass – when it is damaged, impact resistant glass won’t become additional flying debris to cause injury. Be certain that the glass is rated and the structure surrounding the glass or opening is manufactured to the fullest specification. Then confirm proper installation that will withstand the forces of a storm
  • Hurricane shutters – these aid further protection of windows. They can be integrated so the shutter choice is installed flush to the building. Appropriate securing mechanisms are needed as we experienced winds getting behind the shutters, which were not secured to the structure
  • Bunker space – this is a concept that needs to be a staple in the construction of a home. The bunker would need to be provisioned with alternate power sources and resources that will be useful to withstand the event itself and survive in early aftermath days 
  • A structural engineer – in one’s list of hired experts, they are a crucial part of structural design. They’re a specialty to the architectural team and should be included in every part of a residential or commercial project. Omitting such a member of the team for cost purposes can be an expensive lesson later on

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