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Beautiful Kitchen Ideas

Any real estate agent will tell you that when it comes to selling your property, the two most important rooms in a house are the kitchen and the bathrooms. Even if you are not planning on selling your house, you will spend a great deal of time in both and therefore it makes sense to make them as functional and appealing as possible.

Are you someone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen? Are you someone that has to have all the latest kitchen gadgets? Are you the one that loves entertaining and wants the kitchen to be the social hub for both family and friends? Here are some tips for making that space both practical and attractive.

The fundamental aim of any kitchen is to be functional. Making sure the layout fits the purpose, ensuring enough storage space, deciding the best place for the stove, providing ample workspace surfaces and accommodating all of the labour saving devices you would like to have are important elements to consider. Even better: can it be located by a window for extra light and as a distraction from those kitchen chores you don’t really enjoy doing, do you have space for that wine refrigerator you always wanted?

Obviously, not everybody has as much space at hand as they would like. In such a case it is important to prioritise. You need a stove,  and a fridge and of course a sink. As much storage space as is practical, both under counter and wall mounted and you may need to utilise such devices as pot hangers from the ceiling or rotating shelves in cupboards to maximise the space available to you.



If you are lucky enough to have more space than is absolutely necessary then you can start to add some of those once luxury, now commonplace labour-saving appliances that most homes now have and at the same time add other non-essential but still important items such as artwork or plants to make the room more interesting, individual and personal.

Once the functional needs have been assessed, you can then begin focusing on the aesthetics of the space to make your kitchen into something really special. You can start with a focal point in your kitchen; this could also become a conversation starter. Consider adding a dramatic eye-popping colour or tile design to an accent wall in your kitchen to draw attention or perhaps one or two pots of fresh herbs on the window sill or worktop. Choose coloured pots and pans instead of the standard stainless steel or cast-iron options; the same can be done with certain electrical appliances such as kettles and toasters. Your whole kitchen could become a microcosm of colour in one single tone or marriage of different colours that compliment each other. Make it a fun place to be!

Many homes in the Caribbean are blessed with glorious views of lush tropical greenery or Ocean vistas. Make the most of these blessings from Mother Nature by designing your kitchen and dining area with these views in mind so that you can enjoy your garden or sunsets while enjoying the fruits of your labour in the kitchen. Need more lighting other than the traditional windows? Including a vented skylight will bring natural light in and can eliminate cooking odours.

One obvious area to make a statement is the floor covering. Whether it be travertine tile or painted wooden floorboards or even just a non-slip synthetic floor covering there is a real opportunity to change the whole persona of the space available to you. Practicality is obviously something you should take seriously when choosing your floor covering. Carpets and rugs are obviously NOT a good idea for various reasons. Tiles should be non-slip and easily cleanable and the grout resistant to oil and grease. Linoleum was popular for many years but has rather gone out of fashion now, but there are lots of synthetic floor coverings in hundreds of designs and colours that now come with fatigue-reducing padding and non-slip finishes perfect for the modern kitchen.

Kitchen islands can also play an important part as the focal point of a kitchen if you have space. They can serve as storage, worktop space and as a place for friends and family to sit and chat and perhaps enjoy that glass of wine while the meal is being prepared. They make the kitchen more intimate and lessen the distance between one task and the other, which is important when standing while you work for long periods. In some cases, a second sink can be incorporated into an island for use in food preparation, a much healthier option than using the dishwashing sink for both tasks.

Whatever the size of your kitchen and whatever your budget, you should spend time on getting the design of your kitchen just right for you and make it a place you enjoy spending time in. But remember, functionality first!


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