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Affordable Luxury w/ Interiors

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

— William A. Foster

‘Affordable’ and ‘luxury’ are two words you don’t often hear in the same sentence, but it’s one of many reasons why Interiors enjoys its sterling reputation.

After 22 years in business, Interiors has conveniently relocated adjacent to sister company MSI Building Supplies in Crown Bay, St Thomas (USVI).

Relocating has allowed Interiors to create a stunning showroom designed to showcase many options in home design trends and industry advancements, as well as provide their customers with many new conveniences.

Interiors offer services for all home-building and renovation projects and cater to the needs of commercial enterprises as well. Their experienced staff collaborate with property owners, architects, designers, and project managers for assignments that extend from modest apartments to immense villas.



“Whether finishing or upgrading an interior renovation project, Interiors offers cost-effective options,” said Michelle Montenegro, Kitchen & Bath Designer and Assistant Manager. When working with clients on projects such as a new kitchen, Michelle guides them through the process with a focus on meeting their needs and budget. She simplifies the procedure to make it seamless from beginning to end. Installation is available as well, if needed.

Interiors seeks to inspire and inform clients of the options open to them. With a wide variety of in-store selections from trusted brands and options to custom order, the team are committed to working closely with their diverse clientele and gratifying varying budgets.

“…what we present at Interiors, which you are unlikely to find elsewhere in the VI, are products such as this elegant rainfall shower which has an LED lighting system actually powered by the running water, rather than electricity,” explained Manager of Interiors Zona Corbin.

In addition to essential home décor, Interiors provides the latest in trends and technology for faucets, tiles, elegant lighting, and eco-friendly products.

“A home reflects an individual’s personality and lifestyle because it reflects the way they live. We place an emphasis on function while keeping in mind the visual aesthetics. In turn, this affects how customers experience their daily lives,” said Zona.

“It is a business that evolved in the years since my parents founded MSI in 1972. After I returned home from college about 22 years ago, we established Interiors in response to what we saw as a need in our community,” said Vice President of MSI, Tommy Brunt.

Based on a lifetime of experience and knowledge, Interiors only stocks materials suited to the rigorous demands of the Caribbean climate such as the ocean’s salt air and relentless tropical sun. Products need to first meet the ‘Island Tough’ standard, then the best price is acquired.

What is Island Tough? “Interiors abides by the MSI ‘Island Tough’ philosophy. What this means is that they recognise this tropical environment places unique demands on everything it touches.  At every level, building materials need to stand up to relentless salt, sun, hurricanes, heat, and potential sudden changes in temperature. (Think a passing midday shower: tiles on a deck can be cooled 20˚ in seconds).

This means the items they stock may not be the least expensive, but they are the best materials for the job and environment. MSI and Interiors look first for the best product, then strive to secure the best price.

Just a five-minute drive from downtown Charlotte Amalie, Interiors is now conveniently located for BVI customers as it’s close to the Veterans Drive downtown ferry dock. BVI residents are able to easily visit the showroom, meet with the staff, and view products first hand as an alternative to online shopping. Following, they can use the simple shipping service, which extends its availability to BVI Tortola and BVI Virgin Gorda.

Since Interiors is now situated beside sister company MSI, a new build project is easily afforded. Customers can acquire all the foundation materials from MSI like cement, lumber, and plywood, then move to Interiors to secure finishing materials like tiles, cabinetry, lighting, and sinks; a comprehensive construction process that will reflect the superior craftsmanship of the products sold.

Come in and meet the team of Interiors today, or call with your questions and schedule a private consultation. 340-775-1655 or [email protected]


Photography by Don Hebert

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