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8 Tips to Promote Property Ownership Prosperity

Photo by Antilles Helicopter Services

Photo by Antilles Helicopter Services

So, you’re seeking a second property in the Caribbean to live the dream life advertised in Caribbean vacation commercials?

Or perhaps you’ve just purchased some land and are starting construction from scratch to make your piece of Caribbean paradise truly your own.

The vast majority of us love the concept of being able to step out of our home and hit the beach – such a fantasy is a reality for British Virgin Islands residents, who might go for a quick surf or bath in the sea in the sun’s morning glow before going to their office job.

Of course, there are certain rules you need to know about buying and owning property in the BVI. Items that can solidify your dream of paradise from the property sale inception to occupancy. Throughout issues of VIPY, we have had the great benefit of being privy to expert information from realtors, architects, and surveyors about these protocols that will keep the property in its dream state.


Here are eight main tips we have drawn from our various interviews and property reviews that stand out as the items we advise you examine in construction of a ‘new build’ property in the Caribbean. They might sound simple—common sense even, but they can make the vast difference in maintaining heavenly peace long term if conducted correctly from the start.

  • For a new build property, the first thing you want to consider is the foundation and care of the area—the geographical surroundings are essential. Why? A typical example of disregard in this situation is when a hillside property owner has decided to prune the surrounding vegetation. Of course this is in aid of acquiring a better view, but what’s the cost? This pruning may eradicate the natural protection your environment is providing for your property from natural albeit rare occurrences like landslides. This ‘trickle effect’ can lead to erosion damage of the coastal and marine ecosystems within an area from the top of hills down to the coral reefs fronting the land. The view of the sea would be less than appetising if continued
  • It is imperative to get a surveyor – Why? With regard to planning rules and boundaries, the last thing you want in paradise is disputes over where your land begins and ends with your neighbours
  • Vistas in the Caribbean during the day and night are magnificent – take advantage – Why? Property value as well as the wellness benefits are heightened if positioned in the correct direction
  • Implore an eclectic mix of seclusion and sociability in the property. Why? You want the property to be open plan enough to entertain guests, but have a portion that allows for quality alone time – again increasing property value
  • Making sure the property is structured to permit adequate ventilation is another distinct notion that can be missed – Why? The tropical climate you longed for can quickly become an enemy if this is not implemented
  • From a marketing perspective, if you are building a home to later sell, the property is likely to see success if built in an area with properties of similar value
  • Getting hands on with knowing the right materials to use for building the property on island is useful – Why? This can greatly assist on saving costs later down the line if you have the durable materials fit for coping with elements of a tropical climate
  • Including a good guttering system is smart – Why? This tropical climate has its occasional shower and control over water can avoid potential damage to the architecture

Although these may appear like obvious facts, it has been VIPY’s experience to actually see these ‘minor’ details neglected, ignored, or handled incorrectly – definitely best to be ahead of the ball in security of your dream home.

For further guidance on buying property as well as property ownership, click the Property tab and VI Property Advice.

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