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5 Ways to Give Your Home Charm


Photography by S. Opschoor

Few moments are more enjoyable than when the doors of a newly listed property are opened for the first time to our estate agents – we are granted the rare opportunity to bask in the details that make an island estate truly a home.

Such privilege is enhanced when we are able to share in the personal touches, unique features, and attentive care given with the homeowners themselves, gaining full appreciation of what it takes to make a home exude charm.


Recently, we were invited to share an afternoon walk through such a home—an intriguing property quaintly known as Pineapple Place. This private tour revealed refined details at every turn, with eclectic and thoughtful décor enhanced with artefacts from lives well-lived. Our time in Pineapple Place inspired us to share a few of the visionary design ideas that have charmed us over the years, and we hope they will inspire you too.


  • Handcrafted havens

Incorporating décor elements that are labours of love, crafted by hand to provide more than mere functionality always trumps the conventional and mass-produced. For select features, consider commissioning local artisans to craft authentic or one-of-a-kind pieces to incorporate into your design scheme. At Pineapple Place, hand-carved wooden doorways beckon your attentive glance with their arresting detail as you pass from room to room.


  • Plant your roots

Taking time to cultivate your own private oasis is always a sound investment. Lush gardens full of texture and colour will transport you and all who enter your home to a tranquil world where cares melt as the flowers grow. The BVI is blessed with rich tropical vegetation, so choose plants and trees that speak to you. Shade gardens painted with orchids, or tropical fruit trees are excellent ways to tempt the senses and keep you at ease throughout the year.



  • Tell tales of travel

Tell your life story by peppering your home with artefacts collected from travels afar. These conversation pieces will provide a glimpse into your past, and are the perfect way to fill your home with memories while inspiring you to make new ones. At Pineapple Place, we were regaled with adventurous tales from the near and far east as we discussed a beautiful sculpture that captivated our eye as we passed through arched doorways into the main living area.


  • Set the tone

Add appeal and accentuate your own unique style by incorporating a bit of colour into your home. Caribbean estates traditionally wear vibrant tropical hues to great effect, but even if you prefer natural tones, consider adding accents to enliven your space. Use the allure of the BVI as inspiration, and let your inner artistry take over. The guesthouse at Pineapple Place dons a lively coat of violet, as if freshly picked from its surrounding gardens.

Pineapple-window (Custom)
FAV-Doorbell-pineapple (Custom)

  • Your own point of view
Establishing your own personal relationship to nature’s best offerings is why owning property in the BVI is so alluring, and this is undoubtedly due to its world-class sweeping vistas. Giving attention to endless sapphire seas, and neighbourly nods from surrounding islands, make for an excellent way to while away the hours. Make the most of your view by planning your gardens and lounge areas, so they enhance your viewing experience. If possible, arrange multiple viewing angles so you and all your guests can relax, kick up your feet, and savour the splendour of island living.
FAV-Porch-features-afternoon (Custom)

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