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4 Benefits of a New-Build Property


Once you have decided to live in the BVI, there is always the option to buy a piece of land and build your dream home in the Caribbean.

Although there are many magnificent properties available for purchase, the immediate benefit of buying a plot of land is you’re in control of constructing a full custom build. It takes time, planning, and project management, but the BVI has a vast array of talented architects, surveyors, construction companies, interior designers, and project managers that can assist you throughout the process. The benefits include:


  • Location: You can be exactly where you want to be based: on the waterfront, up high in the mountains with ocean views, near the beach, or situated where it’s an easy commute to town. If you’re seeking residency, building as a second home, or constructing as a property to let, you can select which location will best suit your needs.
  • Floor Plan & Layout:The property should reflect how you want to live and how you will use the space. From the number of bedrooms and their proximity to each other to the use of balconies and outdoor space, you have control over the design. Whether you’re sharing your home with children, young adults, elderly parents, visiting friends and family, and/or beloved pets, you can create a space where they can all relax and flourish. You can also tailor the layout to suit your hobbies and lifestyle; be it cooking, studying, storage for dive gear, paddle boards, kayaks etc.
  • Décor and Fixtures & Fittings: The BVI has an eclectic mix of architecture which has taken inspiration from a multitude of countries and cultures. You may add to this with your own selection of colours, design, and style interpretations, choosing the materials you want and sourcing them directly to create the appearance you seek. You can install the fixtures, fittings, and appliances you wish, assuming full advantage of the latest innovations and eco-capability.
  • Landscaping: With so much time spent outdoors when living in the Caribbean, the exterior landscaping and ground design is just as significant as the interior finishes. You can plant to suit your preferences and choose from palms and cactuses to flowering plants, herbs, and fruit trees – your very own food production!


Creating your ideal home in the BVI really is a dream-like possibility. It does take effort and should be a sound investment, but the real return is being able to share a unique property with your family and friends, which is the essence of the Caribbean fantasy.


Lucienne Smith

Lucienne Smith

Lucienne grew up in the BVI and worked for a number of years as a director for a FTSE 250 company in London. She now heads up the Residential Property Management and Long Term Rental divisions of Smiths Gore.

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