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10 Tips For Creating The Perfect Social Space

10 Tips For Creating The Perfect Social Space  (3)

BVI HomeSense – 10 Tips For Creating The Perfect Social Space

In the BVI HomeSense column, we address concerns that apply to buying and selling real estate and to property ownership.

In this month’s issue, we’re providing some helpful advice on Caribbean lifestyle’s implications on property ownership.

If you buy a home in the Caribbean, you will most likely be entertaining guests and the idyllic social space is crucial in forming a comfortable and welcoming setting.

Here are 10 tips to help turn your home into a pleasing and relaxed social scene for all to enjoy:

1. A spacious and open floor plan allows for movement, mingling, and conversation to flow, as well as for comfortable breezes

10 Tips For Creating The Perfect Social Space  (7)

2. All the beautiful colours of the late afternoon sunset when the heat subsides and the sun’s glare dims are often the most sought after cocktail hour locations in a private home or villa. Approximately 12 feet of outside covered deck space offering views and breezes toward an eastern sky are optimal

10 Tips For Creating The Perfect Social Space  (5)

3. A combination of outside dining and BBQ with sinks or stove tops near the entertaining areas are a plus. Often the chef enjoys joining the revelry while their guests amuse themselves at the bar

4. Offer comfortable deck seating for viewing the white sandy beaches and idyllic blue waters

5. Choose warm Caribbean colours and soft ambient lighting to accentuate the inviting atmosphere

10 Tips For Creating The Perfect Social Space  (2)

6. Create playlists for your sound system. Perhaps a cocktail hour mix, dinner music, and a post dinner dance list to set the mood and invite conversation

7. Create your Caribbean paradise by planting fruit trees such as coconut, mango, papaya, and breadfruit, or a herb garden with rosemary, basil, and lemon grass. This makes for an exotic botanical feast at meal time


10 Tips For Creating The Perfect Social Space  (6)

8. Pleasant floral aromas from a variety of colourful plants are a joy for the senses

9. Relaxing in a heated pool or spa under the bright Caribbean stars compliments the evening experience

10 Tips For Creating The Perfect Social Space  (4)

10. A hammock can be a nice spot to relax after dinner, talking and stargazing in the warm Caribbean night

With execution of just a few of these ideas, your Caribbean home will take advantage of the tropical climate and lifestyle, allowing further enjoyment and satisfaction of a move to the islands.

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