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10 Reasons You Need a Realtor


Whether your objective is to buy a blissful bit of paradise, or you’re ready to sell your island home, you’ll definitely need the support of a realtor to guide you through the process. Here are 10 reasons a realtor is essential and what you need to seek when soliciting their services:

  1. When selling a property, choose a realtor who tracks all listings, sales activity, and market trends. A leading realtor will record this data and will periodically publish reports on the state of the market. A credible agent will be able to share comparable data with you to help identify your selling price.


  1. A realtor with strong, international affiliates and extensive website presence will mean wider reach for selling your property and more potential buyers.


  1. Choose a realtor that offers a full complement of supporting services; appraisals, residential sales and marketing, property management, rentals, and accounting services, all mean extensive in-house support for a buyer or seller.


  1. Ensure your realtor will devise a marketing plan specific to your property, budget, and will also provide regular activity reports.


  1. Choose an agent with a proven track record of the buying/selling process in the BVI. Knowledge of government requirements, licenses, planning regulations, and strong legal and banking relationships will make your acquisition much smoother.



  1. Ascertain the reputation of the agency, its realtors, and support staff. Fundamental tenets like, ‘honesty,’ ‘care for clients,’ and ‘confidentiality’ must apply.


  1. Work with an agent who is easy to reach by email and phone. If they don’t respond in a timely fashion to your initial approach, they may not be that responsive during critical offer and negotiation stages.


  1. Identify a realtor who is genuinely interested in your success and property. A good realtor plans well in advance, makes time to stage your property for showings, and presents its unique attributes.


  1. Personality matters. Choose a realtor with an air of calm confidence and an engaging, enthusiastic personality. Trust your instincts as you must feel comfortable with the realtor assigned to take your life’s plan forward. First impressions count, especially in real estate.


  1. Opt for the realtor who is not too busy to pay attention to your needs and that of your property. Do not be quick to choose the agency with the most listings as that realtor may be too occupied to provide your property the dedicated time needed.

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With a sluggish world economy, and oh-so-slowly recovering real estate market, choosing the right realtor is key to a successful transaction. A good realtor becomes a keeper of secrets, family friend, business advisor, or squash partner as needed. In choosing a realtor’s expertise, balance and trust are key.

Smiths Gore

Smiths Gore

Smiths Gore is one of the preeminent real estate advisers in the British Virgin Islands and the Caribbean. Contributing authors include Kate Henderson, Morgana Tilling, Bernadette George, and Lucienne Smith
Smiths Gore

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