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Timeless Style

Stacy France sits down with Ms Irma Connor, and learns that this classy lady’s effortless style shines from the inside out.

Tell me about how and when your style journey began? I was born with a passion for fashion!

What are your biggest style influences? My style is influenced by my mood. Being in a good mood always sets the tone for amazing style.

How does culture play a part in your personal style? I was born and raised in the BVI where my parents always allowed me to be free with my sense of style. No matter where I go in the BVI, I take into consideration the environment I am in, but I remain true to my individuality. Growing up I was never afraid to stand out and that remains true to this day.

What are the Top 3 words that best describe your style? Unique, classy and comfortable

Please tell me who your favourite Designers are in BVI or overseas? These can be men’s and/or women’s designers. I consider myself to be designer-free. As long as the piece is comfortable and unique, I would definitely go for it.

Please tell me about one of your most favourite “go-to” look. My favorite look is semi casual; a dress, high heels and accessories.


What is your favourite colour to wear? White.

Who are your favorite style icons? Singer Rihanna, Actress Eva Marcille and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

What is your signature fragrance? Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

And finally, what are your top tips for any ladies reading this? It does not matter what you wear, as long as you have confidence. Don’t be afraid to make a statement with your outfit. •

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