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Welcome Back!

Last month was unexpected to say the least…

First, we ask your forgiveness for this issue’s tardiness; the events of September with the extremity of two severe weather aberrations have left a historical imprint that we did not envisage. Hurricanes Irma and Maria destroyed lives and the tragedy has been one of the most emotive events among the islands in years.

Coming through this experience is the initiation of a road to recovery and restitution. We hope that all of you are starting to get back to some stability among the varying losses profoundly felt.

We were deeply convicted over publishing this edition—our first ever special—specifically because the content we’d planned is now even more significant than ever before. We retitled this issue to the Reconstruction and Renovation Special, being more apt for our circumstances.

Stephen L France
Erin Contributor Photo
Editor-in-Chief – Stephen L France
Project Manager – Erin Paviour-Smith

You will find much of the material in this month’s magazine relevant to the rebuild effort we have to undertake. Packed with a wealth of knowledge from industry experts across the property market industry, we’re hoping this will offer insightful, inspiring, and impactful guidance.

This issue is crucial granting best construction practices, hurricane learnings, and resources available to help in rebuilding the BVI to come back stronger than ever.

Being sensitive to the hurricane aftermath, we’ve changed the original content plan for this special edition. We’ve done our best to ensure the features are appropriate for our islands’ current circumstances and we will publish the remaining content at a later date.

We would like to conclude by expressing our gratitude to our sponsors of this special issue. We’re grateful for your professional input in creating this month’s publication.

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Arawak Interiors

BCQS International

Caribbean Colors

Clarence Thomas Ltd

Groundworks BVI

OBM International

O’Neal Webster

Poolworks International

Rufred Forbes Associates

VP Bank

Stephen L France

PS – We thank all the contributors who made this special issue possible. As long as we all collaborate, the islands will come back better than ever #BVIStrong

Image credit:GAP Interiors/House and Leisure

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