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Beautifully Safe

Caribbean life is full of beautiful beaches, plenty of sun and a laid-back vibe that lasts almost the entire year. When hurricane season arrives, however, tensions tend to rise enough to put people on edge, especially in light of the storms of recent years.

Protecting homes and property from a hurricane’s destruction can seem an almost impossible task. Mother Nature does what she will, and there’s no stopping her, right? For more than 40 years, Air Master Windows and Doors has been the largest window and door manufacturer in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. They not only understand the needs of the region’s homes but live in the same communities they serve. Air Master Windows and Doors are not only beautiful, but help resist Mother Nature when she comes calling.

Impact Resistant Product Series

Certified for more than 20 years, Air Master Windows and Doors is the first manufacturer in the Caribbean with a series of products that can withstand hurricane force winds and impacts. With the most rigorous building codes in the United States (particularly windows and doors), the state of Florida’s standards are hard to meet and therefore provide the best level of protection during hurricanes. All of Air Master Windows and Doors impact resistant series are built to meet Florida’s specifications and are independently tested to meet these guidelines. The building codes set in place after Hurricane Andrew in 1992 are provided to homeowners in order to minimize property damage during a hurricane and promote the installation of products that resist tropical weather events.

In order to achieve these high building code standards, a lengthy process is used to construct and test each and every one of Air Master’s impact resistant series products. This series of doors and windows is architecturally designed to protect homes and buildings in the event of impacts and hurricane winds up to 170 miles per hour.



Any and all products that are to be certified as hurricane-resistant are sent to an independent laboratory and all construction specifications are provided to the professional staff. The laboratory facility then tests the product rigorously, using positive and negative wind pressures of up to 170 miles per hour and sending projectiles at different points of the product at up to 34 miles per hour.

Unites are then tested at pressures from 115 miles per hour to more than 180 miles per hour. Testing results are later sent to Air Master’s engineering consultants, who then provide all details and materials for certification to the Miami Dade County and/or to the Florida Building Commission for final evaluation and validation.


Designing an island home that is not only beautiful but safe and secure starts from the inside out. There are many elements to consider to ensure both aesthetically beautiful design as well as architecturally sound windows and doors. 

Ensuring that products are actually certified to be hurricane-force wind resistant is another item to pay attention to. Homeowners should ask to see a document called a Notice of Acceptance (NOA) that approves a product as certified to protect against hurricanes.

The bigger installation picture also comes into play here. Many of the damages that hurricanes Irma and Maria inflicted on homes were due to poorly installed windows and doors. Correct installation is critical to ensuring that wind, water and projectiles are properly guarded against. 

“The glass alone is not impact resistant. The entire window or door system is what makes it so powerful against hurricane-force winds. The aluminium gauge, glass, structural silicone and professional installation is what makes Air Master Windows and Doors the Caribbean’s leader in manufacturing the highest quality doors and windows,” said Natalia Megwinoff, Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations for Air Master Windows and Doors. Quality installation, combined with the highest possible quality product means Air Master Windows and Doors have an excellent reputation for protecting homes and property. 

Hurricanes Irma and María strongly impacted Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. The homes and businesses that had installed impact resistant series products were safe. Beach and oceanfront properties such as the Dorado Ritz Reserve or Dorado Beach East in Puerto Rico did not suffer damage to windows and doors.

 “Right after the devastating hurricane, we started receiving testimonials from our clients expressing their awe for the performance of our certified series and their appreciation for the high-quality products,” said Megwinoff.

A Beautifully Safe Future

After 45 years of producing top-quality windows and doors for the Caribbean and beyond, Air Master Windows and Doors is committed to creating a safer future for the people of the region. With a 250,000 square foot facility and more than 700 employees, Air Master Windows and Doors is providing beautiful, safe products for homes and businesses that are made even more prepared for the 2019 hurricane season.

Air Master Windows and Doors distributes its products to The Home Depot and has a sales force dedicated to the Virgin Islands and the Caribbean. For more information about Air Master Windows and Doors visit airmasterpr.com.

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